im such a boring stick in the mud.

i was the crazy, have fun, drinking toilet water, run around in a wrestler outfit screaming nacho libre, wear underwear over my pants in public all day kind of girl and now what am i … watch fuckin movies on netflix everyday with friends.. wth  happened! what happened to those days.. funny memories that i could talk about to everyone.. IM NOT EVEN AS FUNNY ANYMORE ! now that is scary! i can barely do my chinese lady REGGIE impression. why why why why… im getting old and now im too effin serious ! you know what on my birthday im gonna go crazy and do everything i used to do before i got hit with a dull and boring ray ! dfgkjhgfgjk i dont even want to party ! i want to party like cake and a jumper with my elmo party hat and do face painting and and yknow think boys have cooties ! none of this jersey shore shit and drinking and smoking and boys with sticks on their body !? like wtf is that thing ! its not normal -.-

anyyyways enough of my rant … im old.. so join me in my young affair montage on my bday . k peace out yo (:

JUST FINISHED MA LAST EXAM!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!!!! Class beach day tomorrow and all those pretty people will be wearing their bathing suits and playing beach volley ball. Ya I’m taken my book and headphones. My literary hiatus has concluded so let the fun begin!

Welcome to the first page of Stick In The Mud! Meet Rod, the stick from the title. 

Over the next few days the comic will update daily! Until we finish the prologue. Then it will be updated three times a week.