So I got this Marker pack from @umarkers I’m sure most are like what’s up with these joints so here’s a breakdown MEGAMARK A30 (This Marker over all good coverage strong chiseltip and the nb doesn’t flare as fast as others. The cap stays on very tight. Good for 👉#stickersnotslaps 👈

TEKMARK (Strong bulletpoint nib good caps and doesn’t bleed or fringe quickly as other brands and the air tight cap ensures ink to not dry out as fast .very important for lifespan.

AP A10 (Strong nib same as Tekmark these have a good grip same as Tekmark these actually feel like there is a good amount of ink .
AP A20 ( Couldn’t try out this one the nib was stuck when received Uni Paint Markers at time would have the same issue back in the day .
UMARK AP-4 (Company’s version of a sharpie)
UMARK W20 These are good on bristol board or water color paper to do some funky work #goscoopthat 👉@parkdelibk

NEW update on #stickersnotslaps from LegalizeTokyo $10.00

18 stickers per pack.
Assorted combination of artwork and writeable labels.
NOT intended for toy usage.#goscoopthat 👉👈