Sitting outside today with my friend, let’s call him Bee, he began asking me about my final paper in our sociology class, pleasure and power. I began gushing about sti/stds and whatnot explaining also how convenient my research is because it’s clearly documented how drug sales were promoted through fear mongering in the 70-80s. Our other friend sitting with us told the tale of how for two days he had herpes and was freaking out but it was just a heat rash when Bee interjects,
“It’s not a big deal I got herpes from wrestling”
AND I WAS LIKE AHSHEKDL HI WHEN DID YOU GET SO CUTE. Jk I’ve always thought he was cute, he wrestles so muscles and yum :). Anyways sorry, so I played it cool and didn’t want to say too much because of the other people who were around us but I just responded with,
“Yeah I mean it’s really not a big deal it’s just a skin condition with a bad stigma”
And that was that. I was pretty happy and ending up sitting with Bee for like 2 hours on our campus hill just enjoying the amazing weather. So yay!

Why is this funny?

Wayfaring: Am I ok talking freely in front of mom?

Teenager: Yeah, she knows everything. We don’t keep secrets.

Wayfaring: Ok, well we called you back in because you have gonorrhea and we need to treat you and your partners. 



Mom: ok, but all they have to do is take an antibiotic, right? Or is this one that you’re stuck with forever?

Wayfaring: Fortunately this is one you can take an antibiotic for, but let’s talk about the others for a minute. (Explains other STDs, discusses more permanent conditions like HIV and herpes, discusses risk of PID and infertility, encourages condom use, blah blah.)  I also encourage you to tell all your sexual partners so that they can be tested and so that you don’t run the risk of being re-infected. Our state doesn’t contact partners anymore. 

Teenager: Will you tell him?

Wayfaring: I will if you give me written permission to call him—

Teenager: No, he’s here. I’ll just bring him in. *brings him in*

Wayfaring: Well dude, we brought you in here to tell you that your partner here has gonorrhea and you should be tested as well. 


Mom: Just think dude, one day years from now you’ll look back on this and laugh and say, “remember that time you gave me the clap?”

Mom and teenager