This is the old London Brick Company building in Stewartby, where we are staying. This town was built solely to house the workers of this factory. It’s production peak was in the 60’s after WW2. In the late 60’s this place was responsible for a fifth of England’s bricks, but this slowly declined until the factory shut in 2008 due to sulphur emission regulations.


Joseph Reilly

The project seeks to replenish the scarred, mutilated landscape of the Brickfields surrounding Stewartby through a mass reforestation programme. Once the woodlands have become established, an architecture will be conceived that exists in harmony with the new landscape. Sustainable forestry will provide the construction materials for a new hyper-dense timber city, which will be configured to react to shifts in population, cultures and time.

Our first stop: Carlie’s wonderful cousin’s house.
Stewartby, Bedfordshire, England

This town was built for the workers of The London Brick Company, which at the time made 20% of England’s bricks. It’s closed now and the place is sleepy and sweet.