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Do you have any optimistic characters? This seems like a darker roleplay and I don't want to delve too deep into darkness, so I was thinking of picking up a character that's 'brighter' in nature.

Yes, we do have ‘lighter’ characters! We also have characters who are “light” despite their past. Let me go ahead and link you to some of them.

Drew Cassidy, Alexander Gray, Isaac Daniels, Eden Moreau, Josiah Atwood, Layla Matin, Alois Ayers, Kara BrowneAstrid Santos, Felix Marello, Julian Shaffer, Kaleb IonaMilo KatzIsaiah Ashley, Kingston Grant, Nina Singh, Aimee VogelSteven Whitcomb, Jessamine Grant, Salacia Douglas

I tried to pick people who were sweet in disposition despite having “trouble” in their past, or just people with simple stories who are still sweet. ‘Brightness’ can be subjective, so some might not seem so bright to you, while to us they do if only because we’ve written darker by now. We hope you find someone who works for you!

- Admin Suzy

Listeners, absolutely fantastic news! Today we’re posting the fourth and final group of the fifth batch: Lavender Ryan, Nina Singh, Florence Song, Aimee Vogel, Steven Whitcomb, and Odette LaBeau.

We will be begin posting them at 4 PM PST, and finish around 5 PM PST. We can’t wait for you to meet these absolutely fantastic characters!

Remember that we accept on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, starting at 5 PM PST and then continuing on for the rest of the night until Midnight PST. We will be accepting OC and Canon applications!

So, take this wonderful chance and go apply now!

Shooting Spree in Des Moines, IA Southside
  • Shooting Spree in Des Moines, IA Southside

Shooting Spree in Des Moines Southside

DES MOINES, IA – Steven Vogel was shot and killed by police after they said he fired more than 100 rounds at passing cars, houses and police officers. One person was also treated for a gunshot wound to the head.

The Reference Council: Clae 10 Years Of Innovation In Modern Footwear

Steven Vogel’s The Reference Council interview Clae founder Sung Choi as they highlight the footwear label on its 10th year of existence. Since bursting onto the scene, Clae helped pioneer a new form of footwear design that brought together the worlds of both casual and athletic-minded offerings with the aesthetics and refinement of traditional shoes. A selection of answers can be seen below while the full feature can be seen here.