Drawing on Holl
Mackintosh Museum

Curated by Mark Baines of the Mackintosh School of Architecture in collaboration with Steven Holl Architects, this exhibition will illuminate the design process through which the Reid Building, a striking addition to Glasgow’s cityscape, came into being. Staged in the Mackintosh Building, the exhibition will explore the architectural dialogue between these two significant buildings. At the heart of the exhibition will be prints of the watercolour paintings created by Steven Holl Architects as the design of the Reid Building evolved. Watercolour sketches are used to investigate and visualise the architectural form, appearance and the spatial qualities of the interiors, particularly the sources and the interplay of light which are a central feature of the Reid Building, as they are for the world famous Mackintosh Building opposite which it is sited.



…this is a plan view of the model - but i initially thought it was a sectional model (which would have been much cooler)

Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle, WA by Ervin Vice

'Steven Holl's work has always been marked by a dynamic modesty, an apparent simplicity around which an agenda of space, proportion and language is intensively explored. His current proposal for the 600 sq m Jesuit Chapel of St. Ignatius starts from a well-mannered premise as to site and perimeter condition, then springs into architectural life as interior volumes rise up to catch the natural light and emit, on winter evenings, a carefully calibrated glow. Holl's roofscape of zinc-clad vessels should prove to be an unusually articulate symbol of spiritual purpose'.
-Raymund Ryan, The Architectural Review

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storefront for art and architecture

new york, usa


steven holl in collaboration with artist vito acconci

facade renovation

"Seeking to introduce improbability and to puncture the facade, Acconci and Holl challenged this symbolic border which underlines the exclusivity of the art world, where only those on the inside belong. Using a hybrid material comprised of concrete mixed with recycled fibers, Holl and Acconci inserted a series of hinged panels arranged in a puzzle-like configuration. When the panels are locked in their open position, the facade dissolves and the interior space of the gallery expands out on to the sidewalk. If the function of a facade is to create a division separating the inside from the outside space."

"Storefront’s physical location and façade can be understood as a reflection of its mission and practice, not only blurring the boundary between interior and exterior but enabling an endless possibility of panel configurations which encourage artists and visitors to create their own experience of entry, navigation and absorption in the gallery space"

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