Watching the other trailer of The Vampire Diaries just made me very skeptical about whether I want to watch this season of it. Of course I want to see Bamon happen but the trailer that’s come out so far is just some bullshit of Elena crying about Damon. And I was looking at it like girl, you did not cry this hard when Stefan died, and you were apparently in love with him. But I forgot they erased the first three seasons of TVD so of course she wouldn’t cry that hard for Stefan. 

But the way she’s acting just really makes me want Bamon to happen so bad, and then when they come back all loved up and Elena’s all like “Damon, I missed you so much! Let’s be together!” and tries to kiss him, he takes a step back from her and then grabs Bonnie’s hand is like “Listen Elena, a lot happened on the Other Side. And I’ve changed, thanks to this beautiful, bronze goddess who deserves so much better, so I’m going to love her as much as I love killing people.” or something like that. And then Elena can stand there heartbroken like “I wasted so many tears on you.” and then she tries to kill him. But Bonnie got her powers back so she turns Elena into a statue and they place her in the Salvatore house so she can watch Bamon and Steroline for an eternity and just be furious at all the badassness and beauty that those two couples are and stay that way until she starts feeling like the Old Elena again who wasn’t selfish and obsessed and pathetic but had morals and compassion and when she felt happy for them, she was set free and then she can move on to someone not the Salvatore Brothers.

Or is that not ridiculous enough to be on the show?

Even Caroline’s mom was playing that “Caroline youre wrong, Elena is always right” bullshit. I hate how slack is given to Elena. Caroline has been through a lot of shit too and Elena brushes off her dilemmas as if they’re dumb or superficial but everytime something happens to Elena, everyone goes out of their way to protect her and Caroline still goes to bat for her. Caroline could get hit by a car and Elena could trip on a pebble but everyone would still go see Elenas whiney ass first. So done with this bs and nonchalantness towards Caroline’s problems.

when stefan & caroline get together, honestly it’s gonna be such a sweet, sigh-of-relief feeling for me. i love that the show set up a relationship for them because they’ve been friends for so long, and she had a crush on him at the beginning, and idk it’s gonna be so cute, i can’t wait.