Pavement - Stereo - because my best friends girlfriend has great tatse in music and reminded me of this song tonight


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Sterobitches, are you interested in taking down KC in that new poll ?

I totally understand if you aren’t because lol our ship is 2015’s TOP TV/TVD COUPLE + the ship is sailing itself and is 90% ENDGAME …. unless Paul or Candice decides to leave TVD

So what do you think ? Feeling Stero!bitchy because of all their hate and wanna fight or are we pefectly fine in our Steroline!heaven ?

If you’re interested, like this i’ll send you an ask :D

Here is the poll link :

Yo, so I finally have all the time in the world soooo

Kyle was leaning back at his desk, head back, sighing. He’d been trying to study for a few hours now. It had been successful at first, but he had just got bored. He got up and turned up his stero up louder, good thing his neighbors weren’t home during the day, the louder the better. He grabbed his phone and went through his contacts…

Text: “Hey Patty, long time no talk, how have you been?”


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I'm so happy someone finally made a post that shows what happened in 4x23 and how 6x22 is not as better as Steroline says it is!

Anon! There’s no need to prove that copy/paste ship is better than klaroline!We already knew that klaroline did it better.That klaroline scene is one of the iconic scenes of tvd.I’ve seen other fandoms(outside of tvd) using ‘i intend to be your last’ line for their ships.

Klaroline 4x23 was:I intend to be your last,however long it takes
SC 6x22:I’ll wait for you

The funny thing is that there’ll be no waiting in SC!Stefan basically said:Elena’s no more and Caroline’s quite the catch so why don’t we shag?.We all know that Caroline’s ooc and desperate and regressed to s1(bc of Stefan) i’m sure they’ll be shagging in the first few episodes of…so much epic…haaa!You know what will be the Stero sl for s7?THE REPEAT OF DE SCENES FROM S5-6.
Boring angst>Break up >Sex >More angst >Break up > Sex
Because SC has no foundation on its own.The writers ripped majority of DE scenes for SC in s6 to make this ship epic but still tvd fans aren’t buying that forced ship.

4x21:Silas said that Caroline was upset Klaus left without saying anything to her and he also said :‘Come to Nola’ because he knew about Caroline wishes and desires.
4x22:She invited Klaus on her graduation
4x23:Klaus invited Caroline to Nola but he knew that Caroline isn’t ready.So he said:He’ll wait,HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES.

6x21:Caroline said:being with Stefan  ruined everything.She couldn’t even say her mom ‘good byes’ because she’s busy sucking Stef face and something about  her ooc behavior because of Stefan …blah blah
6x22:Stefan basically said:Yes i ruined you but you make me happy and i deserve to be happy so i’ll wait for you.Stefan imposed his ass on Caroline by not giving her space.He made everything about him and him being happy.What about Caroline?What does she want?nadaaa…He doesn’t care!He’s just going to pity date her bc everybody forced him to.Caroline’ own mother humiliated Caroline by forcing Stefan to date her daughter.Can you believe this shit???

I don’t even feel sorry for SC’ers that their ship didn’t even get an original scene on their own.Their first kiss scene was the fucking copy of DE kiss scene and their first sex scene copied forwood and now that fuckboy declaration was the copy of klaroline 4x23 scene…lol.When klaus said ‘i intend to be your last’,then the media was hyping about that, the next day(and that line even won a poll for something like ‘best scene of 4x23′).And on the other hand, when Stefan declared his love for Elena’s 2nd best,there’s nothing.The media didn’t even praise that scene and not even there’s an article about ‘i’ll wait for you’.When the male lead declares his love for a female character,it’s a very huge moment for them and the show but no….the media doesn’t care about that ratchet ship love declaration.After 6x22,the media wrote about SC this:

‘Stefan and Caroline separately were two of our fav characters on the show,but they didn’t just work.Stefan brought out the desperateness in Caroline,which we hated seeing in her in season 1.She grew a lot from that,but suddenly she reverted back to it in this season’.

Even the media is saying that Caroline is regressed because of Stefan/SC!

I get it why insecure and dumb sc’ers are so butthurt about it but i can’t find a fuck to give about those rude and hateful SC’ers!

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Jasper, the great gif fiasco of 2k15, that sutton gif thing where it's like "you and your friends", STEROLINE, and being one of my best friends/faves.


ps.: susan not sutton go to sleep xo

what are the top five things you associate with me?

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Damn those comments (not just regarding stero) but overall are just bad. Both shows are getting dragged. They're in for a hell of a season.

Yeah, the finales didn’t go over well with the general masses.

Queen- Bohemian Rhapshody


Intro Vocals- center, but pan left to right
Bass center
Piano- recorded in stero left and right bass on left treble right
Vocals- center
Snare- right
Cymbals- right
Winds chimes- left to right
Guitar- slight left (center for solo)
Second half guitar- left and right with delay on left
Backing vocals- slight right
Toms- left
Back and front voices during interlude

My Thoughts :

Bohemian Rhapshody can be described as a masterpiece. Considered the greatest male vocalist of all time, Freddy Mercury shows his talent for songwritting and vocals in this classic opera-rock song. The song is incredibly complex, and makes heavy use of sampling and rhythmic as well as volume changes. The intro voices are put through several filters and other effects such as compression and phasing. The interlude uses voices that pan from left to right in quick succession. The voices are changing pitch using many overdubs that sound like entire choirs. Guitarist Bryan May uses his signature sound for the classic solo that inspired so many guitarists to want to build their own guitars (including myself), so as to copy May’s homemade guitar. The song was recorded over a period of many months and when it finally was released, it was a chart-topping phenomenon. To this day, the riffs and lyrics of Bohemian Rhapshody are instantly recognizable.

lalainajanes replied to your post “When your ship is so nasty and you feel so threatened by Klaroline…”

Right? I read that and 5x11 (and Caroline dealing with it) aaaalllllll happened in 2014. Way to lie guys.

Exactly. Guess we can’t expect anything different from Sterobots aka cheaters though. 

Also Steroline isn’t technically a couple either. 

It’s actually hilarious how threatened they are by us whilst simultaneously screaming from the rooftops how dead our ship is.