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‘Forced sterilization’ victims receiving reparations, compensation from Virginia

Surgery about to start. 70ish year old indian surgeon comes in, hunched over with age. Puts on sterile gown, jokingly asks us, “how do I look?”

Other nurse with me in room (65, male), raises his arms to the sky and cries, “I look at you, and I see the princess of Frozen.”

Me: DYING inside. Conceal, don’t feel.

sometimes i feel like i don’t fit in with the tumblr left because they are a very sexless crew all the time, they are the least thirsty most sterile group of people. when they claim to be anything but asexual this only means sometimes they dry hump a volume of capital in the dark. all marxists are virgins, they’re devoid of all sexual aura.


While human rights can be violated by individuals or by institutions, they can only be defended by institutions. The European Court of Human Rights does not deal with single individuals who have committed crimes. Rather, it focuses on why the government in question could not take action against what happened. But where are the doctors, politicians and all the people who personally contributed to or carried out such surgeries, and when they are going to take responsibility for their actions? In order to take action against this human rights violation, blaming the Communist regime is not enough. The practice continues today and forcibly sterilized Romani women are still a long way from receiving true justice.

Women Prisoners Sterilized To Cut Welfare Cost In California

In California, prison doctors have sterilized at least 148 women, mainly Mexicans, from 2006 to 2010. Why? They don’t want to have to provide welfare funding for any children they may have in the future and to eliminate ‘defectives’ from the gene pool.

The sterilization procedures cost California taxpayers $147,460 between 1997 and 2010. The doctors at the prison argue it is money well-spent.

Dr. James Heinrich, an OB-GYN at Valley State Prison for Women, said, “Over a 10-year period, that isn’t a huge amount of money compared to what you save in welfare paying for these unwanted children – as they procreated more.

In 1909, California passed the country’s third sterilization law, authorizing reproductive surgeries of patients committed to state institutions for the “feebleminded” and “insane” that were deemed suffering from a “mental disease which may have been inherited and is likely to be transmitted to descendants.” Based on this eugenic logic, 20,000 patients in more than ten institutions were sterilized in California from 1909 to 1979. Worried about charges of “cruel and unusual punishment,” legislators attached significant provisions to sterilization in state prisons. Despite these restrictions, about 600 men received vasectomies at San Quentin in the 1930s when the superintendent flaunted the law.

Moreover, there was a discernible racial bias in the state’s sterilization and eugenics programs. Preliminary research on a subset of 15,000 sterilization orders in institutions (conducted by Stern and Natalie Lira) suggests that Spanish-surnamed patients, predominantly of Mexican origin, were sterilized at rates ranging from 20 to 30 percent from 1922 to 1952, far surpassing their proportion of the general population.

In her recent book, Miroslava Chávez-García shows, through exhaustively researched stories of youth of color who were institutionalized in state reformatories, and sometimes subsequently sterilized, how eugenic racism harmed California’s youngest generation in patterns all too reminiscent of detention and incarceration today.

California was the most zealous sterilizer, carrying out one-third of the approximately 60,000 operations performed in the 32 states that passed eugenic sterilization laws from 1907 to 1937.

Although such procedures may seem harsh, they are not illegal. The Supreme Court ruled in 1927 that women can be forcibly sterilized in jail in Buck vs Bell. Writing for the majority, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. said, “Three generations of imbeciles are enough.


Newser: N. Carolina Will Pay $10M to Forced Sterilization Victims


Over a period of 45 years, North Carolina forcibly sterilized 7,600 people it deemed mentally or socially unfit. Now, 39 years since the state’s eugenics program ended in 1974, it will finally make reparations, with lawmakers earmarking $10 million to compensate victims, reports the Wall Street Journal. “No amount that we can afford to pay is enough,” says a state lawmaker. “But this is sufficient for the living victims to know that the state of North Carolina sincerely regrets the injustice that we’ve done to them.”

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When I was four years old, a doctor advised my parents that I should undergo a “routine” hysterectomy. It was recommended, the doctor said, to prevent the future inconvenience of menstruation. My parents, thankfully, were horrified and high-tailed it out of there, taking me and my four year old uterus with them.

Sweden Ends Mandatory Sterilization of Transgender People

Sweden officially ended its forced sterilization policy for transgender people undergoing gender transition surgery procedures.

According to the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco, Sweden has forced transgender people to be sterilized since 1972, but the law was found unconstitutional by a court last year. The end to the policy occurred Jan. 10.

Maceo Persson, the Transgender Law Center’s operations manager who also holds dual citizenship for Sweden, said the policy change “lifts an dehumanizing law that traces back to the dark times of the eugenics movement.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm 18 yrs old, in university, and have finally come to the decision I absolutely do not want children. I told my mum I would like to have a tubal ligation in my late 20s, and she laughed saying they won't do it until I'm in my 40s. Why??

Short answer: sexism.

Long answer: Doctors will often refuse to sterilize DFAB people, and insurance companies will refuse to pay for sterilizations, unless we’re literally dying, because they assume we’ll always regret it because we’ll always want more children by the simple fact we’re “women” and as such our only instinctual drive in life is to be mothers. 

And this DOES include denying trans people transitioning needs and procedures.

Even people who’ve had children have had to fight to be sterilized - my aunt, for example, had a serious disease in her uterus, which was putting her in so much pain she could barely leave bed, but they refused to remove her uterus until they had made her pay an exorbitant amount to “exhaust all options”.

As your mother has pointed out, some doctors/insurance policies will allow DFAB of certain ages to go through sterilizing procedures, including tubal ligation. The earliest I’ve ever heard is late 20s, but some may not serve you until your 40s or even 50s. However, I don’t know what one has to do in order to be given this chance, as I’m waiting to begin trying myself. All I know is that it’s almost always a struggle even in these cases.

I am a lesbian woman of Color whose children eat regularly because I work in a university. If their full bellies make me fail to recognize my commonality with a woman of Color whose children do not eat because she cannot find work, or who has no children because her insides are rotted from home abortions and sterilization; if I fail to recognize the lesbian who chooses not to have children, the woman who remains closeted because her homophobic community is her only life support, the woman who chooses silence instead of another death, the woman who is terrified lest my anger trigger the explosion of hers; if I fail to recognize them as other faces of myself, then I am contributing not only to each of their oppressions but also to my own, and the anger which stands between us, then must be used for clarity and mutual empowerment, not for evasion by guilt or for further separation.
—  Audre Lorde, “The Uses of Anger,” Sister Outsider, p. 123