Talking, kisses, warm hands and talk of breasts, soft and tender and hard strongness. Creative play and light laughter and warm richness, ineffable richness flooding where from? Not just sex, not just familiarity, but partly. Because there has been cold, sterile, desperate devouring, and not this warm, full, flowing over in loving laughter. Food and nourishment, replenishing the beaten blue and black mind and bodies, desiring more, yet somehow satisfying even without fulfilling. Each an outlet for the other.
—  Sylvia Plath, from The Unabridged Journals Of Sylvia Plath
TWO POEMS | by Ellyn Touchette


I am flying down I-95, flipping stations, staring at the radio

like I’ve got a death wish, when the last minute

of The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter” comes flailing onto WBLM.


I am sitting on a barstool. A boy in a leather jacket

is telling me to listen for Mick Jagger to moan with pleasure

when Merry Clayton’s voice cracks on the high notes at the end.

The boy is effortless cool. Knows a lot about rock n’ roll.

Tells you who to root for in every song. We listen.

There is a crack. A moan. As promised.


I am flying down I-95. Merry Clayton is screaming far gone memories

of this boy who is leaving. I have to believe she knows

what a storm sounds like; what it is to be fire-swept.


I am leaning against the wall of a handicapped bathroom,

a pregnancy test drying on the floor. There are two minutes on the timer

and the end of my life is a shot away. When the dried bar

tells me just how empty I am, my voice cracks under the weight

of this loneliness. The boy I now know I can’t keep tells me I have

a pretty voice. I tell him I have a hard time with the high notes.


I am flying down I-95, chasing this boy who loves like war; like murder.

I do not know whether he will take The Stones with him

when he goes, only that this can never again be my song.


I am listening to my lover talk about rock and roll. There is no end

to his praise of the voice crack. He does not know how many ways Merry Clayton

broke the night she laid the track. He still does not know about the miscarriage.

The pretty boys who moan when their women break do not know that you can sing

your body empty, that a woman’s fury is caustic and her grief is barren land.

Merry Clayton and I… we must have hit the same high notes.








My mother’s sister meets the devil between jobs.

He snags her ankle in the revolving door and pulls her down.

He asks what she has always wanted (A voice, she whispers);

needed (A husband, she admits); longed for (A baby, she cries).

Satan grins; promises safe delivery. He does not mention

that he is a man of two-thirds promises; does not tell what he plans to take.

Tonight she sings under her breath as a man sets the dinner table.

She would love to concede that she is happy like this,

but every few weeks she calls to remind me

that when she is gone, she will give me all the fine silver.




Ellyn Touchette is a biology student and behavioral health professional from Portland, Maine. She is on the board of directors for Port Veritas, a slam and nonprofit which she has represented at multiple national competitions (NPS 2013 and 2014, WOWPS 2013). Her work is present or forthcoming in The Emerson Review, Black Heart Magazine, The Legendary, and Drunk in a Midnight Choir.


80’s cyberpunk is way better than the boring colourless minimalism we’ve got going on now lbr……. minimalism is so sterile and attempts to disconnect from everything sociopolitical in a way that makes it seem “above” that but it’s really just silent to it and in its silence is complicit. stop minimalism bring back cyberpunk

to be clear re: previous post, I think both trans women not getting invited to the cool lesbian parties and racist Halloween costumes are very real issues that we ought to talk about and it is absolutely not my intention to suggest that that is not the case

I just… think there is definitely a kind of person whose sole engagement with anti-racism is My Culture Is Not A Costume and never with, say, the prison-industrial complex or settler colonialism or forced sterilization

and also a kind of person who enjoys saying that trans women of color are DYING because of whatever their pet issue is, usually with no clear explanation about how asking everyone their pronouns in gender studies class is going to keep trans women of color from dying

Legend of Korra is so fascinating because the writers emulated social issues that actually plagued the world in the early 20th century. In season 1, we are exposed to a social group that believes among technological innovations all persons should be equalized. Like eugenics (forced sterilization) policies of the 1920’s, the Equalists wanted to modify people’s genetic predispositions to equalize the playing field and assert dominance. Eugenics was slightly different, as it was racially charged but kudos to the writers for showing this.

As for season 3, Xahir’s goals to eliminate republics and governments is very much like the communist revolutions that began in Russia. Socialism seemed highly attractive at the time. Essentially, socialism wants economic equalization on all levels but it carries over into politics. It’s really evident that the writers were trying to show this hence the name “Red Lotus” for the organization. Red is a classic color-symbol of socialism/communism.

Just WOW there are so many other parallelisms to 20th century history in Legend of Korra but these two struck me the most! What do you think?

I don’t get it. Why beat your baby black and blue because you have issues with the father? What did the baby do to you????????? Why are you not sterilized????????? Soulless bitch

What a waste of time. It wasn’t like he was going to start asking every ghost he met what their motives were, especially since all but two, maybe three, ghosts have all tried to kill, maim, or put in the hands of someone who would do either of those things.

Little did he know that Billy Joe Cobra was just an adult sized baby. How was he supposed to know? Still suited in his skin tight black and white getup, he abandoned the kid who was foolishly dating someone so— Well, dead. Danny flew home over buildings and streets, phasing through walls, then floors and into his basement. In the sterile lab, all it took was a push of a button and the portal opened for him, like a butler holding the door open and welcoming him home. No hesitation, Danny entered and his surroundings shifted. From the atmosphere visually, colour to that share of green, and audibly. A muffled wave ran through the Zone. It was quiet, but there was sound, distant sound always present and always eerie. 


So began his search for Billy through the infinite realm where all looked the same, where his enemies dwelled. And for what. So Romeo and Juliette could be reunited once more. He better get some bonus points for this from somebody. 

Newser: N. Carolina Will Pay $10M to Forced Sterilization Victims



Over a period of 45 years, North Carolina forcibly sterilized 7,600 people it deemed mentally or socially unfit. Now, 39 years since the state’s eugenics program ended in 1974, it will finally make reparations, with lawmakers earmarking $10 million to compensate victims, reports the Wall Street Journal. “No amount that we can afford to pay is enough,” says a state lawmaker. “But this is sufficient for the living victims to know that the state of North Carolina sincerely regrets the injustice that we’ve done to them.”

Click for article…

When I was four years old, a doctor advised my parents that I should undergo a “routine” hysterectomy. It was recommended, the doctor said, to prevent the future inconvenience of menstruation. My parents, thankfully, were horrified and high-tailed it out of there, taking me and my four year old uterus with them.

Australia is planning to sterilize children without parental consent if a proposed law is adopted. Critics fear that Aborigines would be targeted. You can read about the state’s Draft Mental Health Bi…


Children (of any age) able to consent to sterilisation and 12 year olds to consent to psychosurgery and electroshock without any parental consent in W.A. (this is link to quotes below)

PARENTS RIGHT TO VISIT & COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR CHILD CAN BE REMOVED: At any time a psychiatrist can decide it is not in the child’s best interest to see his or her parents. The psychiatrist can make an order which prohibits the right of a parent to visit or communicate with their child, and refuse the child access to the telephone or visits from friends. [Pages: 145, 146 of the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011]

KIDS PLACED IN PSYCHIATRIC WARDS WITH ADULTS:The draft bill does not rule out children being held in wards with adults if the mental health service considers it is appropriate for them to be there. Children should never be treated in a psychiatric ward with adults. To consider exposing children to such an environment shows pitiful respect for them and leaves them open to physical and sexual abuse in an environment where there is insufficient supervision. [Page 161 of the Draft Mental Health Bill 2011]

RESTRAINT AND SECLUSION OF CHILDREN: Children can be restrained in a psychiatric institution. Only the use of mechanical restraint (manacles, belts, straps etc.) and the use of bodily force by others are covered in the draft bill. Chemical restraint, the use of psychiatric drugs to subdue and control the person, is not covered in the draft bill, so there are no legal safeguards to prevent its application

INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT OF CHILDREN: At any time or place, a medical practitioner or authorised mental health practitioner (the draft bill does not even define who this will be) who “suspects” a child of mental illness can make a legal order for them to be sent for psychiatric assessment. Even a child at a medical appointment or in a general hospital suspected of mental illness could be detained for up to 3 days while awaiting transport for assessment. Once the child is transported to the assessing psychiatrist (usually at a psychiatric hospital) the psychiatrist can involuntarily detain the child for up to 14 days. Parents will not be able to discharge their child and take them home; the psychiatrist has the power to prevent parents from seeing their child if they decide it is in the child’s best interest. A psychiatrist can then make a “continuation order” to continue the involuntary commitment for up to 3 months once the 14 days has expired. He or she can continue to do this in up to 3 month blocks each time. During detainment the child could be drugged, restrained, secluded, given electroshock (if 12 or over) and could be put into a ward with adults. Parental consent is not required to continue the detainment or for any treatment.



this needs as much attention as possible

there was a petition but it has CLOSED, I can’t yet source the current status of the bill but here are relevant people to contact:

I am ashamed and disgusted at myself and the people of Perth, W.A and Australia for tallowing this to GET THIS FUCKING FAR


I am a lesbian woman of Color whose children eat regularly because I work in a university. If their full bellies make me fail to recognize my commonality with a woman of Color whose children do not eat because she cannot find work, or who has no children because her insides are rotted from home abortions and sterilization; if I fail to recognize the lesbian who chooses not to have children, the woman who remains closeted because her homophobic community is her only life support, the woman who chooses silence instead of another death, the woman who is terrified lest my anger trigger the explosion of hers; if I fail to recognize them as other faces of myself, then I am contributing not only to each of their oppressions but also to my own, and the anger which stands between us, then must be used for clarity and mutual empowerment, not for evasion by guilt or for further separation.
—  Audre Lorde, “The Uses of Anger,” Sister Outsider, p. 123

People Are Tweeting Like Jaden Smith And The Results Are Perfect

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It’s amazing when the entirety of the internet agrees on something; and Twitter has finally agreed to embrace the Jaden Smith philosophies of life. I will admit, this post would be about 15 times longer, but I HAD to crop out that dumb face that was on top of every. single. tweet.

Kept the face for that last tweet though, just because I can actually see him tweeting this one day..