This is a real pitch we received:

"Men everywhere can now rejoice as their wives and girlfriends finally have a way to track their time of the month. How many ruthless fights have been started due to lack of empathy from the husband because he had no idea what type of mood he was coming home to?"

The MyPeriodApp was created by five men who “were tired of the drama, discourse and sometimes absurd fights.” The app would help “relinquish the fear and confusion of men, and allow women to be more tuned into their own cycle and symptoms.”

It’s 2015 and this kind of utterly embarrassing marketing still exists.

Read more about sexism and stereotypes within marketing.

Florida police were caught using mugshots of Black men for target practice. The police chief supported using said mugshots, but after being publicly flounced in the news and on social media, the department was banned from using mugshots for target practice. By the way, the police chief is still on the job. 

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President and Michelle Obama were sorting toys into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ bins for the Marine’s Toys for Tots program earlier this month when the President tackled toy-gender stereotypes in true Obama fashion.  Between them, the pair delivered about 1,000 toys from the President’s staff to the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots campaign, an annual holiday toy drive.

But then things got even more adorable. The President started putting the sports and the science toys into the ‘girls’ bin.  Placing a basketball into the bin, Obama says:

“I just wanna make sure some girls play some ball.”

A person from the crowd queries his decision to put legos in the girls, rather than the boys collection – because they might not like them.  The President responds:

“Girls don’t like toys?”

As he continues to sort, he comes across a T-Ball set.

“T-Ball? Girls like T-Ball” and nodding, puts the set in the girls’ bin.  The crowd is snapping photos, with some looking a little confused and he adds. “I’m just trying to break down these gender stereotypes.”

How to Endear Yourself to an Asian Woman Writer:

1. Tell her you love her eyes—they make her look smart.

2. Inquire at a shout about her English language skills. Congratulate her on her fluency.

3. Underestimate her age by ten to fifteen years. When you find that the petite girl you’ve been calling “sweetie” and “honey” is a woman older than you, older than you thought, has a partner, and you stand corrected, tell her she’ll be glad to look so young some day. Continue to call her “sweetie.”

4. Ask her where she’s from. Ask her where she’s from from.

5. When she says Japan/Vietnam/Laos, say you were once in Bali. Smile broadly. Congratulate yourself on your worldliness.

6. Announce that she writes real well for “someone her age,” despite having no inkling about the breadth and depth of where her life has taken her.

7. Put your hands on her shoulders, on her head. Touch her, stroke her like a pet, like a plaything, like she’s so cute, you just can’t resist; all women, but especially Asian women, are pliant.

8. When she tells you to stop, ask why she has to be angry. Tell your friends about the angry Asian chick. Warn them to stay away.

9. Commend her on her writing, then ask why she’s featuring another Burmese/South Korean/Filipina character. If she asks why you’re writing about another American one, see number 8, angry. Don’t forget to notify your friends.

10. Most of all, if you’re the type to be attracted to women, when she tells you she’s from Thailand, give her a smile that lets her know you like Thai women, you get the code, you’re on the inside, and you want some too.

—  Here Be Dragons, our recommended long read of the day by Sunisa Nardone
If colleges were high school stereotypes
  • Harvard:the popular kid who everyone wants to be, but is actually a huge dick
  • Yale:star quarterback, valedictorian, and prom king, but is actually horribly boring
  • Stanford:surfer boy who tries to downplay the fact that he's actually intelligent
  • UPenn:hangs out with the popular kids (Harvard, Yale, etc.) but everyone forgets his name
  • UC Berkeley:outspoken left-wing political activist who hates Stanford's guts
  • UCLA:Berkeley's little brother, doomed to live in Berkeley's shadow for the rest of his life
  • Cornell:friends with the popular kids, but rumor has it that he lives on a farm
  • Columbia:preppy rich kid who reeks of wealth
  • Brown:hipster who smokes weed on school campus
  • UChicago:preppy kid who wants to smoke weed with Brown but is too scared to actually do it
  • Dartmouth:introverted kid who doesn't talk to anyone
  • Johns Hopkins:new kid who is desperately trying to get the popular kids to notice him
  • Northwestern:may or may not have a huge crush on UChicago but is still in the closet
  • NYU:desperate for Columbia's love but has been turned down on multiple occasions
  • Oxford:the senpai of all senpais who will never notice you
  • MIT:nerd who won't stop talking about his latest science project
  • Duke:the jock
  • Caltech:the Asian
  • Princeton:the weenie

Twitter rewrote its abuse/threats/harassment reporting system after Robin Williams’ daughter was harassed after his death (and this was terrible and shameful). However, note how fast Twitter acts when famous White women, or those close to famous White people, receive threats. The rest of us peons are left to deal with threats and harassment with NO results.

Threatening to release a woman’s nudes is not okay, and I do not support said threats. Twitter’s lack of response to others harassed is not okay.

just because they’ve dated a lot of boys doesn’t make them a slut

just because they’ve bleach blonde hair & tan skin doesn’t make them “a fake barbie”

just because they’re a model doesn’t make them anorexic 

just because they’ve changed style through out the years doesn’t mean they’ve changed person

just because they wear less clothes then before doesn’t make them a whore

just because you called them a “fag” doesn’t mean they’re not talented

just because they look good for their own age doesn’t mean they’ve had surgery

just because they came from vine doesn’t mean they’re not talented 

just because the book was made into a movie doesn’t mean the movie was better than the book

just because they’re a different race or have a different sexuality from you doesn’t mean you treat the any different

just because they dress fiercely doesn’t mean they aren’t nice

just because they wear head scarves/turbans/hijab around their head doesn’t mean they’re a threat to you


astrology stereotypes

aries: really angry. overreacts to everything. punch in the face.
taurus: so stubborn and food obsessed
gemini: two faced, loves gossping
cancer: your mom (who cries a lot)
leo: in love with themselves
virgo: overly critical
libra: cant make up their minds for their lives
scorpio: sex obsessed and kinda scary
sagittarius: doesnt have a serious bone in their body. needs to calm the fuck down
capricorn: red from that 70s show
aquarius: hippie who hates authority just because they’re in authority
pisces: submissive day dreamer

To all black kids: Be as weird as you want. Listen to all the indie/rock/classical/punk music you like. Wear crazy ass clothes, bright colors or all black if you want. Push the limits of blackness and become tormented artists, aspiring writers, thoughtful visionaries. Shout your feelings from the rooftops; care for plants; create love with every move you make. Do all the things considered “normal” for white kids to do and “weird” for black kids to do and twist them into your own; squeeze them to fit between the boundaries of normal and weird. Do not fear your color and the heavy stigma it carries. But most of all, don’t let anyone ever tell you “that’s a white person thing”. Fuck that noise.