The Signs on Holiday

The signs decided recently that for the first holiday of the year they’d go to Capricorn’s beach house and soak in the rays. They ran into a bit of trouble however, early into their plans, let’s see how everything unfolded….

Gemini: I can’t BELIEVE the holidays are already here! It seems like only yesterday I was buckling down into hard school work.

Cancer: Gemini, please, your idea of school work is finishing first weeks homework before the end of term.

Taurus: We had homework?

Sagittarius: Ah yes, this is perfect Cappie, I love the views you have at this place, amazing 

Capricorn: It took a while to save up for, yes I agree—

Leo: No need to fear I’m hereeeeeee

Aries: I brought the boozzeeeeeee

Virgo: I brought sunscreen! Make sure you apply it to every square centimetre of—

Taurus: Virgo chill man, we’re here to soak in the sun rays not deflect them

Aquarius: I’m here mainly to, uh, ‘observe’ bikini clad women on the beach 

(That is assuming that Aquarius is indeed a straight man or a homosexual woman, or really any sexuality tbh)

Pisces: I’m just going to sit over there and read this book, yeah guys, yeah? Ok sweet…

Scorpio: Everyone please leave me alone, I will be studying the nearby rock pools in solitude.

Aries: But the boozeeeeee

Scorpio: eh, maybe one… 

*The signs get drunk and gather round the campfire* *yes I know I just randomly introduced a campfire, deal with it*

Gemini: Omg guuuuyyyys, I loveeee yoouuuuuu allllll

Capricorn: I feel vaguely as if someone is missing….

Leo: I know right, I’m pretty sure there’s another one as sexy as me in this group….

Virgo: OHMYGOD we left Libra at home asleep!

*several miles away*

Libra: fuck my life

To be continued…. 

rnary-of-suburbia asked:

Hey! I'm setting my characters races, and I want to make the main female black. Her mother is emotionally abusive (but i don't know whether to make her the white step mom because i wanna portray her as the stereotypical white suburban mum) father alcoholic and brother a bit on drugs. Originally they were white (i decided to make em black for representation) so there's nothing to do with race.

Pt 2 I’m portraying a bad image of the black family? I’m promoting the black absent father figure? Should I change the race to avoid troubles? Thanks!

Black Family & Stereotypical Images

If she is the only Black person in this family, you can have her be adopted or from a previous marriage/relationship. Properly develop all the family members so they aren’t reduced to stereotypes, even though they have these stereotypical traits. They should be more than just that.

Especially if you make one of the parents or the whole family Black (which would not really sit well with me if it weren’t written by someone from within the Black community). They need to be fully developed. 

~Mod Alice

I would side eye this story based on all these stereotypes layered one after the other, and honestly this idea comes off as a lazy reliance on prejudice and tropes. Adding to their development and somehow portraying more positive roles of Black fathers, mothers, and young men in the story would “help”…

But this is one I’d skip because it’s more than a bit too much, especially since you automatically went to Black when you were rethinking their races. Trace your logic please.

It’s not just one character, but essentially a whole family build of stereotypes that even if you aim to add layers to them, only reinforces society’s image of troubled Black families with poor parental roles and young Black men on drugs, and don’t we have enough of these images in media?

I read the plot to my cousin for another opinion and she’d figured it out before it was even done, which says a lot about its predictability, she was also was very put off by this idea and said she’d actually fear others reading it due to all the stereotypes perpetuated.

Overall, as Alice mentions, making them all Black would be troublesome for me. Perhaps someone Black could handle that well, but this is not representation I want or need.

I’d rather see these other characters as white or some other races where you’re not perpetuating stereotypes and the Black girl adopted, from previous marriage or some other circumstance than to walk into this dynamic as it stands.

~Mod Colette

Dear White Racists, Apology Not Accepted! TRIGGER ALERT: If this piece upsets you, it’s probably a good sign that it is about you. And if it makes you angry, I ain’t sorry. My name is not “Mammy,” and I’m not here to soothe you.

Don’t come asking me about forgiveness. I ain’t the one, boo. Do you see an Ike Turner sign on my forehead that says: “Come all ye KKK, rednecks, and closeted racists liberals and disrespect me all the days of my life on earth because White Jesus loves me and heaven lasts forever?” What kind of negress do you think I am?

MUST READ: Full article.

This article is LIFE!!! YES!!!!! 

The star signs as stereotypical Britons

Aries: Apologises far too often, even when not at fault.
Taurus: Always talks about the weather.
Gemini: Sarcastic little fucker.
Cancer: Harry Potter lives under their stairs.
Leo: Basically a fucking twat, but still a good mate.
Virgo: A mental bastard when they’re drunk, always up for a laugh.
Libra: Uses “bloody” in every sentence.
Scorpio: Drinks a shitload of tea, substitutes it for every beverage.
Sagittarius: Obsesses over the royal family, hangs the Union Jack out of their window.
Capricorn: Always feckin’ complains.
Aquarius: Read this in a stereotypical British accent.
Pisces: Always honest (sometimes too honest).


People of Latin American descent are regularly flooded with repetitive questions about who they are as a people and a culture. Whether they come from racist Twitter users or ignorant yet well-meaning colleagues and classmates, these comments only serve to homogenize disparate and unique cultures, as well as to further “other” Latinos in our society. It’s time to put the stereotypes to bed.

The differences between Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, Mexican explained

mean stereotypes for the signs

Aries: the boss. angry bitch, fighting all the time, has no fucking chill and can’t stand other people trying to overpower them

Taurus: lazy ass motherfucker, eats all the fucking time, is too damn stubborn and possessive over everything

Gemini: lying ass bitch, hot as fuck but gets bored and tired of people in five seconds, literally can never stop talking

Cancer: crying fucking baby, the mom, the dramatic one, is too damn melancholic, always looking like a kitten with a pink bow on their head

Leo: self centered bitch, can never stop looking in the mirror because they’re too damn good looking, always wants to be the leader 

Virgo: perfectionist little bitch, studies more than humanly possible, can’t stop criticizing people, always acting like they’re fucking perfect

Libra: the balanced lil bitch, literally thinks she’s the center of the universe, always trying to please everyone

Scorpio: sexual perverted motherfucker, psychopath, likes blood and murdering people, literally can never stop having sex 

Sagittarius: adventurous bitch, can’t commit to anyone, adrenaline junkie,   thinks they’re funny as fuck

Capricorn: heartless motherfucker, is never impressed about anything ever, literally can never stop thinking about money 

Aquarius: weird little fuck, emotionally detached, hipster, always trying to change the world with their so called brilliant minds

Pisces: kawaii bitch, always with their minds in a different dimension, too damn emotional, thinks they live in a world full of fairies and mermaids


But they keep telling us it’s all in our heads. We are making it up. (Source)

Two Media Matters for America studies of crime coverage in 2014 uncovered a disturbing pattern—every major network affiliate station in New York is consistently over-representing Black people as perpetrators of crime. They are unfairly and disproportionately focusing their crime reporting on Black suspects, and inaccurately exaggerating the proportion of Black people involved in crime—on average, exaggerating by 24 percentage points.

Read the report (HERE).

Breaking the Signs Stereotypes (Requested)
  • Aries:You are not mean. You have your buttons and some people just know how to push them. You actually can hold yourself back from yelling and being mean more than some other signs.
  • Taurus:You are not always eating. You just like a lot of things and aren't picky so people assume you're eating a lot.
  • Gemini:You are not always anxious and nervous. You are just very energetic and hate standing still.
  • Cancer:You do not have wild mood swings, you just simply hold things in so long that you just fall apart and it all comes out at random times. There is nothing wrong with this, it has to come out sometime baby.
  • Leo:You are not always athletic. You sometimes just want to lay on the couch and play video games. You deserve these days.
  • Virgo:You are not super happy all the time. Yes, you are very funny and will always be my best friend but you are very good at hiding things. You hate making things about you so you would rather put on a fake smile than explain what's wrong.
  • Libra:Even though you're sign says you are very sweet and perfect you have a mean side. Even though only few people get to see it that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I was one of the unlucky ones to see that side. I am sorry for whoever hurt you to be that mean but don't take it out on people who don't deserve it.
  • Scorpio:Not everything you do is evil. You just know what makes people tick and love the idea of payback. The people who did you wrong deserve to pay, you are right.
  • Sagittarius:You are not as careless as everyone makes you out to be. You actual care about everything. You just understand the concept that it is your life and no one can tell you what to do. And don't worry, you are correct.
  • Capricorn:Just like Sagittarius everyone thinks you are careless and selfish. You are 100% not. You are one of the lucky ones to be able to understand that you don't always have to be pleasing everyone all the time. I love seeing their faces as you do what you want, it's priceless.
  • Aquarius:You are not as physically detached as everyone thinks. You love hugging and kissing and you love rubbing your thumb on peoples hands and you intertwine them. You just prefer to know you're doing all that with the right people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wait for something, because waiting is the best part sometimes.
  • Pisces:You not as emotional as everyone claims you are. You are actually very good at bottling it up just like Cancer. You just burst open through all the cracks people have left as they walk in and out of your life, stepping on pieces of your heart on the way out. And I am sorry that you get this stereotype because the only people to see through those cracks are people you trust and those people should not be stereotyping you on your pain you have hidden so well, for so long. I am so sorry.

A Mississippi state lawmaker said he opposed putting more money into elementary schools because he came from a town where “all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ He is under the microscope after making racially charged comments:

And speaking of an emergency room visit, he was quoted as saying, “I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots.” Then he went on to say, “That’s not a problem with that. I didn’t say anything wrong.” 

Gene Alday said he’d RESIGN, if they wanted him to. Please, let’s give the man what we want. Demand he resign, and post your emails on Mississippi social media pages. Let’s see if he puts his money where his (racist) mouth is:

State Capital Contact Info:
Room: 400-F
P. O. Box 1018 
Jackson, MS 39215

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