So the only thing from More Than Two that I’ve found somewhat problematic is this:

We have a right to to decide whether we will become—or remain—romantically involved with someone who suffers from depression, anxiety or any other psychological illness. While the stigma surrounding mental health issues needs to be confronted, and compassion and understanding for people coping with such issues are essential, we are not required to continue to engage in an intimate relationship with someone who suffers from a psychological health problem that may compromise our own well-being. This is each person’s own choice to make.

So, strictly speaking, this is true. I will always agree with the statement that it is a right to end (or avoid starting) a relationship with anyone at any time for any reason, even if that reasoning stems from *ism. I also think it is someone’s right to not get involved with me because I’m queer, or because I’m Israeli, or whatever.

And as Franklin and Eve point out in that passage, mental illness can impact someone’s partners, so that’s especially their call to make.

However, I’m uncomfortable with the lack of distinction between a diagnosis/identity, and some particular set of behaviors. Maybe this is just because I’m solo poly, but I resent the idea that my depression necessarily impacts my partners any more than a neurotypical person’s down times would. The main way it impacts them is that actually that it means I’m less talkative and energetic than someone else might be, but I also think my level of talkativeness and energy fits well within the bell curve.

But that, too, is a behavior. You can say, “I am not okay with dating someone who engages in self-harm,” or “I cannot date someone who needs me to be available to listen to them talk about really sad things a lot,” or “I need a partner who is comfortable attending loud noisy social events with me,” or  ”My boundary is that I will not date someone who sometimes gets so upset they scream at me when I’ve done nothing wrong, even if this is being triggered by their mental illness.” These are all very different things from saying, “I will not date someone who tells me that they have been diagnosed with depression.”

It reminds me a lot of when men on OkCupid would tell me that they won’t date me because I’m bisexual, and when I asked why, they’d say things like “Because I feel like you’ll cheat.” Or when lesbians say they won’t date bisexual women because “They’re more likely to have STIs.” Okay, but cheating and having STIs are separate from being bisexual. Just because I’m depressed doesn’t mean I’m going to threaten suicide or cry all the time. If you think that that’s what being depressed necessarily looks like, then you’ve let stereotypes and media representations define depression for you.

Anyway, obviously obviously obviously as I have already said, I will defend anyone’s right to end/avoid any relationship for any reason, including a mental illness diagnosis. That is not up for discussion here. I have been dumped plenty of times because of my depression and I have made my peace with that more or less. However, I do think there’s space to point out that some of the assumptions that *cause* people to automatically avoid anyone with an MI diagnosis are flawed, and come from misconceptions about what mental illness is and how it is managed and treated.

Top Producers and SHINee's Jonghyun Contribute to EXO's Comeback Album "EXODUS"

Top Producers and SHINee’s Jonghyun Contribute to EXO’s Comeback Album “EXODUS”

On March 26, SM Entertainment stated, “EXO‘s second album ‘EXODUS‘ will be released online on Melon, Genie, Naver Music, and other music sites, as well as off-line, on March 30, at noon.

According to SM Entertainment, global producers and songwriters met at SM Songwriting Camp to produce songs for EXO. People who attended include: The Underdogs, Teddy Riley, Stereotypes, Kenzie, and other…

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People of Latin American descent are regularly flooded with repetitive questions about who they are as a people and a culture. Whether they come from racist Twitter users or ignorant yet well-meaning colleagues and classmates, these comments only serve to homogenize disparate and unique cultures, as well as to further “other” Latinos in our society. It’s time to put the stereotypes to bed.

The differences between Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, Mexican explained


​The Dumb Questions Actors Of Color Get That White Ones Don’t Deal With

Upworthy asked some actors of color to describe what it’s like working in the entertainment industry. What we found were a whole bunch of stereotypes. 
Why isn’t it OK to cast people of color as stereotypical side characters? While some might argue it’s just entertainment, media shapes how we see the world and how we see ourselves. Diverse representations of people from all walks of life promotes tolerance and understanding, and it improves the self-esteem of children and people of color.

Take a look at the full video to get a glimpse of what it’s like trying to make it in entertainment as a person of color. 

mean stereotypes for the signs

Aries: the boss. angry bitch, fighting all the time, has no fucking chill and can’t stand other people trying to overpower them

Taurus: lazy ass motherfucker, eats all the fucking time, is too damn stubborn and possessive over everything

Gemini: lying ass bitch, hot as fuck but gets bored and tired of people in five seconds, literally can never stop talking

Cancer: crying fucking baby, the mom, the dramatic one, is too damn melancholic, always looking like a kitten with a pink bow on their head

Leo: self centered bitch, can never stop looking in the mirror because they’re too damn good looking, always wants to be the leader 

Virgo: perfectionist little bitch, studies more than humanly possible, can’t stop criticizing people, always acting like they’re fucking perfect

Libra: the balanced lil bitch, literally thinks she’s the center of the universe, always trying to please everyone

Scorpio: sexual perverted motherfucker, psychopath, likes blood and murdering people, literally can never stop having sex 

Sagittarius: adventurous bitch, can’t commit to anyone, adrenaline junkie,   thinks they’re funny as fuck

Capricorn: heartless motherfucker, is never impressed about anything ever, literally can never stop thinking about money 

Aquarius: weird little fuck, emotionally detached, hipster, always trying to change the world with their so called brilliant minds

Pisces: kawaii bitch, always with their minds in a different dimension, too damn emotional, thinks they live in a world full of fairies and mermaids

Breaking the Signs Stereotypes (Requested)
  • Aries:You are not mean. You have your buttons and some people just know how to push them. You actually can hold yourself back from yelling and being mean more than some other signs.
  • Taurus:You are not always eating. You just like a lot of things and aren't picky so people assume you're eating a lot.
  • Gemini:You are not always anxious and nervous. You are just very energetic and hate standing still.
  • Cancer:You do not have wild mood swings, you just simply hold things in so long that you just fall apart and it all comes out at random times. There is nothing wrong with this, it has to come out sometime baby.
  • Leo:You are not always athletic. You sometimes just want to lay on the couch and play video games. You deserve these days.
  • Virgo:You are not super happy all the time. Yes, you are very funny and will always be my best friend but you are very good at hiding things. You hate making things about you so you would rather put on a fake smile than explain what's wrong.
  • Libra:Even though you're sign says you are very sweet and perfect you have a mean side. Even though only few people get to see it that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I was one of the unlucky ones to see that side. I am sorry for whoever hurt you to be that mean but don't take it out on people who don't deserve it.
  • Scorpio:Not everything you do is evil. You just know what makes people tick and love the idea of payback. The people who did you wrong deserve to pay, you are right.
  • Sagittarius:You are not as careless as everyone makes you out to be. You actual care about everything. You just understand the concept that it is your life and no one can tell you what to do. And don't worry, you are correct.
  • Capricorn:Just like Sagittarius everyone thinks you are careless and selfish. You are 100% not. You are one of the lucky ones to be able to understand that you don't always have to be pleasing everyone all the time. I love seeing their faces as you do what you want, it's priceless.
  • Aquarius:You are not as physically detached as everyone thinks. You love hugging and kissing and you love rubbing your thumb on peoples hands and you intertwine them. You just prefer to know you're doing all that with the right people. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wait for something, because waiting is the best part sometimes.
  • Pisces:You not as emotional as everyone claims you are. You are actually very good at bottling it up just like Cancer. You just burst open through all the cracks people have left as they walk in and out of your life, stepping on pieces of your heart on the way out. And I am sorry that you get this stereotype because the only people to see through those cracks are people you trust and those people should not be stereotyping you on your pain you have hidden so well, for so long. I am so sorry.

I understand that colorism is major issue in our community mainly due to European colonization and slavery. And that lighter skinned people statistically have more social mobility, opportunities, and self esteem than darker people. However, I think that as Black people we have to work as a community with each other to tear down these stereotypes and preconceived notions we have of each other, due to color. It is an idiotic concept that is poisonous to our progress. We should start to unlearn it.


But they keep telling us it’s all in our heads. We are making it up. (Source)

Two Media Matters for America studies of crime coverage in 2014 uncovered a disturbing pattern—every major network affiliate station in New York is consistently over-representing Black people as perpetrators of crime. They are unfairly and disproportionately focusing their crime reporting on Black suspects, and inaccurately exaggerating the proportion of Black people involved in crime—on average, exaggerating by 24 percentage points.

Read the report (HERE).

Next time you hear that feminists are ugly or hate men — or any number of stereotypes about women who seek equality — remember that this is exactly what anti-feminists have wanted you to think for the last 200 years.

Where Do Negative Stereotypes About Feminists Come From? » Sociological Images

This is what makes me so angry about constantly being asked to “disprove” these claims about feminists. Why shouldn’t others have to prove that we’re “ugly” and “hate men” (which actual scientific research disproves, btw) rather than the other way around?

something that came to my attention

boys can be into boy bands

boys can be into One Direction

boys can be into 5 Seconds of Summer

boys can be into girls bands

boys can be into Little Mix

boys can be into Fifth Harmony

boys can be into female artists

boys can be into Nicki Minaj

boys can be into Taylor Swift

boys can be into Marina and the Diamonds

boys can be into Lana Del Rey

some boys like pop

some boys like rap


Because I’m tired of this.

To anybody who is not Latino or Hispanic, stop.

Stop thinking you’re complimenting us when you say things like, “Wow, but you speak so well… You’re different than the others… No, where are you really from?” 

Those aren’t compliments; they’re subtle insults to the people of our culture. When you say, you make us think if you’re really complimenting us or if you’re saying that our people don’t act like the ‘norm’ - which we both know is referring to the white way.

Oppression for Hispanics and Latinos may have improved, but most people are still ignorant about us and subtly racist. In fact, I bet most non-Latinos just like us because we brought you Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. Which essentially leads to women who aren’t Latina to hate Latinas because they think we stand as threats. Honey, we’re only a threat if you make us that way. 

Newsflash: We don’t want your men.

Hollywood misrepresents Latinos/as and ignorant people start to believe the lies.

In television, a Latina is either the gold digger who steals your man or the lady cleaning your house. A Latino is the gardener named Jose, Jorge, George. A Hispanic teenager is the one who runs away with her papi chulo Manuel.

The only thing Hollywood gets right is the idiotic comments made by others.

“Honey, she may not even speak English.”

*Practically shouting* “I’d like some waa-ter. You know, ah-gwoo-ah?” *Doing some ridiculous hand gestures looking like cockatoos.*

“No,” snobby laugh. “Where are you really from?” Bitch, we’re not all from the remote areas of the Amazon.

Anyone remember the white girl from Maid in Manhattan who always made these nasty comments about Jennifer Lopez? Yeah, those are examples of what we experience all the time when around you white people.

You guys think we’re incompetent because we have accents. You think we’re incapable of doing more than cleaning your floors and strutting around trying to steal your men. You get shocked when you find out we are successful. 

If we succeed, know that we earned it. We fought hard because God knows how difficult it is to learn a new language and try to push all those obstacles out of our way.

Mad because we’re taking your jobs? Get off your ass and compete with us. We’d love the challenge.

Plus we’re not all Mexican. We don’t all look the same. We don’t all grow up with the same traditions and cultures. We will not apologize for bringing our traditions and cultures with us when we come to America… UNLIKE Y’ALL DISLOYAL HOES WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR EUROPEAN CULTURE WHEN PEOPLE CALL YOU OUT. 

Next time you want to make a joke about immigrants and jumping the border, don’t go too far from home to think about who’s really the immigrants. You think you’re the true Americans? You’re wrong. At least we don’t have our minds confused.

Want to call us uncivilized? Savages? We’re not the ones who took control by mass murdering the original owners. You guys didn’t work or fight for shit. We didn’t have to be savage to become a part of this nation.

So the next time you want to compliment us in that way, don’t. The next time you want to say Latinos shouldn’t use the race card, don’t.

This could go for all POC (with a couple parts changed) but the message is still valid. I’m tired of people ignoring Latinos because it’s not a big enough issue. It is. And it’s important to us.