People of Latin American descent are regularly flooded with repetitive questions about who they are as a people and a culture. Whether they come from racist Twitter users or ignorant yet well-meaning colleagues and classmates, these comments only serve to homogenize disparate and unique cultures, as well as to further “other” Latinos in our society. It’s time to put the stereotypes to bed.

The differences between Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, Mexican explained


Things Black Men Are Tired Of Hearing

But nothing about Ferguson is/was racist… Isn’t that what the #NotAllCops and post-racial Americans tried to shove down our throats? As if the statistical evidence is not enough, we have their own words and thoughts in emails. Watch…. these progressive, post-racial “Allies” will find some way to justify what’s happening in cities across America. (Pic: ABC News)

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if someone is talking about their faith, don’t you dare ever mock them or their religion. maybe you don’t believe in it, but they do, and it’s a source of love, courage, and hope for them. respect goes both ways.

You know

With Bard being a single dad of three kids he would be the type to wear socks and sandals, a lot of sunscreen, and a fanny pack. The first time Thranduil goes out with the whole family he is mortified by Bards high waisted cargo shorts and purple sun-visor; where did he even buy that?


Right firstly, I’m white so if I step over the boundary of supporter to **Whit3 Savour!!!1!!** please tell me.

But I was looking at Discworld merch & found my way onto the Paul Kidby website, and - well, putting aside for a moment the fact that every other character’s skin is painted white, whoever painted these (I assume Paul Kidby or someone endorsed by him) has actually painted Twoflower’s skin yellow.

How to make a character look Asian? Ah yes, let’s use the crudest, most garish, plainest, yellowist yellow paint there is -

Some people would probably argue that these miniatures are just caricatures and therefore simplifications are necessary - only Asian skin ‘simplified’ isn’t yellow, a requirement for caricatures is not an excuse for racism, and the other miniatures’ skin have been painted in such pain-staking detail to be exactly the right type of pink to convey an entirely realistic whiteness. The so-painted white characters are the opposite of simplified; it’s only when it gets to the Asian character that the racist caricatures are used.

Twoflower is also the only character of colour out of all the miniatures on the Paul Kidby miniature page (x). Characters whose physical appearance isn’t even specified have been assigned white skin. 

What worries me is that I don’t even think Paul Kidby (or whoever created and painted these) realises this is problematic.

Anyway - someone’s probably noticed this before and made a much better post on it, and again because I am white I don’t want to go all white saviour but given that I run this blog to appreciate & endorse Discworld, it’s crucial that I also highlight disgusting and very, very obviousracism like this, otherwise I’m running this blog wrong.


somebody translate this 

I have to write a paper about gender stereotypes in media
and my prof said we could do a song (and literally the entire reason she was inspired to let us do that is bc she heard Blank Space on the radio on her drive to class and I dleted)
but the point is what do you guys think is the most GENDERED song that Taylor has lmao
I feel…You Belong With Me or Better Than Revenge but I am NOT!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUBMITTING A PAPER TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING DETAILING TAYLOR’S PAST MISTAKES?!?!?!
I cannot BELIEVE….
then I mean wtf a g e n d e r s t e r e o t y p e from a taylor swift song and my best options are her slutshaming can I delete my blog please lmao like why did she do this to me why am I being HAUNTED!!
I mean every thing else is so like…miniscule haha
like I could do Fifteen? but the issue is that the stereotypes in BTR and YBWM are…obvious lmao and probably widely researched aLREADY!IT WOULD BE THE OBVIOUS!! CHOICE!! EASY!!

NonConfession but advice

to the 17 year old in Detroit:

i used to feel like that too. You have it all down to the city you’re from (DEEETROIT!) but i look at what we go thru as a good thing. Your tastes aren’t restricted to one category (i guess you can call it that). You’re eclectic, just like me, and i personally find it easier to fit into all social settings (black, white and other) because of it. I know and like a little of everything which makes it easier for me to find people to relate to. don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one group. be a wanderer and have many groups. belong to all the groups if you want! you’ll be valued amongst them all because you offer something they may not already have and thats variety. Despite what people say, no one wants to be the same thing forever. no one wants to do the same thing, wear the same thing, eat the same thing, listen to the same thing, the list goes on. but you have the chance to be their source of something new and spread what you know and like to them. it may be hard sometimes because they may reject some things and that’s fine! you don’t have to be the exact same person as them to be their friend. keep your head up and stay strong! it gets waaaaaayyyy better in college :)

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Episode 96 - Caesar and Me

In the ninety-sixth episode of the Twilight Pwn, John & Fred discuss “Caesar and Me,” a fifth season episode of Rod Serling’s classic television series, The Twilight Zone.  Topics include the fallout from And When The Skygate, Little Caesar’s pizza, and entirely too much delight taken in an episode about a mobster ventriloquist dummy seducing an Irish stereotype into a life of crime.

John’s Rating: 2+
Fred’s Rating: 2+
IMDB’s Rating: 6.8

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Hey so I'm seeing gifs and such for Agent Carter and I'm interested but I am sorta tired of the Soviet-Spy storyline...but is Agent Carter worth it? Like, would it make me want to rip my hair out?

Eeeeeeh, probably. I mean, it depends from how much you’re invested in the characters that were already in the movies because if you are then you roll with it a bit more but I’m not gonna lie the soviet spy thing was about make me roll eyes more than once and I’m not even Russian. I’m gonna go at it objectively so take it as you may. Spoilers under the cut.

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