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Taku-Tanku - Bicycle Towable Floating Tiny House Design

Made from two huge recycled water tanks and a few off-the shelf materials, a new tiny house design is intended to be simple and fast to build.The “Taku-Tanku,” which has sleeping space for two or three people, could potentially be used as a disaster shelter, say its creators, the architecture firm Stereotank and Japanese designer Takahiro Fukuda.” - Co.Exist

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Very cool concept - the Little Free Library, via designboom:

The Architectural League of New York has partnered with Pen World Voices Festival to bring the little free library to downtown. Stereotank, founded by Venezuelan architects Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, designed the installation at St. Patrick’s old cathedral school in Nolita.

Built out of an inversed plastic tank and a wooden frame, the concept creates an ‘inhabitable’ environment, where users can immerse themselves into the space, taking the time to browse through books and borrow or exchange them.


A library without a librarian, seats, or noise limit? The “Little Free Library” in Manhattan’s Nolita is one of 10 mini libraries scattered in NYC neighborhoods below 8th Street and offers a “take a book, return a book system.

This miniature structure was designed by Stereotank at the request of the Architectural League of New York and PEN World Voices Festival. It was built with an upside down plastic tank supported by a wooden frame. Little peepholes are included on the sides of the structure to allow passerbys previews inside. If you’re looking for your next paper thrill, make your way to this little wonder!

Little Free Libraries in Manhattan



Little Free Library
On view 4 May - 1 Sep, 2013

This is such a great idea! There are ten installations throughout downtown Manhattan that act as little libraries, with the idea of ‘take a book, return a book.’

This particular one is in located in Nolita at St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School, and was designed by Stereotank.

There’s some more info hereLittle Free Library was started three years ago, and there are now over 5,000 locations worldwide!

I can’t wait to go visit some of these locations. I have a ton of books I could bring to them and having been meaning to donate, and it’d be great to get something new to read.


Water Tank Tiny House You Can Tow with a Bicycle

Water Tank Tiny House You Can Tow with a Bicycle

Right now I want to show you this incredible and lightweight Taku-Tanku tiny house on wheels created by Stereotank and Takahiro Fukuda that you can tow with a bicycle, on foot, or even with a boat.

It’s great because it’s designed to be made from two 670 gallon water tanks which of course can be recycled. And, it’s really easy to assemble, too. The tanks are connected by a rectangle of wood.


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A concept tiny house called Taku-Tanku from Stereotank is big news thanks to its components and to its remarkable portability.

Architects Designed A Portable Tiny Home From Two Recycled Water Tanks

The tiny home phenomenon has been taken to another level. 

The designers at New York City-based Stereotank have created a traveling shelter that’s small enough to wheel around on a bike.

Called Taku-Tanku, the home consists of two 3,000-liter water tanks connected by a ring of wood. And while it doesn’t contain a bathroom or plumbing, it is large enough to fit a bed and has enough storage space for two to three people.

Stereotank designers Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, say on their website that the eco-friendly project “can travel through many landscapes to serve as companion and shelter but also as a sculpture that celebrates the vital role of water in our lives.”

Aside from a bicycle, it can attach to a car or potentially a boat. Ertorteguy and Valente also claim the solar-powered, LED-lit home can be easily assembled and built with off-the-shelf and re-purposed materials. 

Right now Stereotank is in the process of finding a sponsor and raising funds to build its first prototype.

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