Carbohydrates, like Glucose and Furanose are great ways to test you’re knowledge of Ochem reactions, stereochemistry, and biology (metabolism). 

Glucose reacts like an Aldehyde 

- Oxidized to Carboxylic Acid, Reduced to primary Alcohol. 

Ketones can only be reduced to 2ndary alcohols

Know the fisher projection and ring structure of Glucose well. 


  • Chiral center is any atom with 4 different entities attached to it.
  • Enantiomers are mirror images of each other. That means ALL chiral centers in one enantiomer is reversed in the other.
  • You can’t have stereoisomers if you don’t have a chiral center.
  • Diastereomers - more than one chiral center, inversion of stereochemistry on some but not all of its chiral centers. For examples, diastereomers would have stereochemistries of (R)-(R) vs (R)-(S). Another example of diastereomers would be (R)-(R)-(S)-(R) vs (R)-(R)-(R)-(R).
  • In rings, it is easier to assign stereoisomers as cis/trans rather than R or S. Cis is having the same groups on the same side of the ring. Trans is having the same groups on different sides of the ring.
  • A compound will have a total of 2#chiral centers stereoisomers if it is not meso.
  • Meso compounds may have chiral centers, but as a molecule, they are achiral and optically inactive.
  • Meso compounds reduce the total number of stereoisomers.
  • Stereoisomers have the same chemical properties.
  • Enantiomers have the same physical properties.
  • Diastereomers have different physical properties.
  • Note: in biological molecules, people use D and L for R and S, respectively.
  • Caution: D and L (absolute configurations) are NOT the same as d and l (relative configuration). Read the section below on rotation of polarized of light for more details.

Remember: Anything around a single bond can rotate freely so remember to rotate things around single bonds to find internal planes of symmetry for possible Meso compounds 

Glucose is catabolized in Glycolysis, ATP activates the substrate, Glucose, in substrate phosphorylation allowing it to be broken into two 3 carbon chains, pyruvate.  

Chemistry Lingo Lesson

Alright, this may seem a bit of a rushed chemistry post but I’m really just cutting the crap and not gonna baby sit the whole way. If you want to learn to do chemistry right, you should know the terms I’m using before attempting anything. Well on to the tutorial.

So first, What is the mcat you speak of?

Methcathinone is a relative to methamphetamine as it contains almost the same structure so it’s known as a constitutional isomer, and comparing something that looks like the exact build but mirrored is called a stereoisomer. Although chemically similar, it’s effects and mechanisms usually differ greatly. Now the point of this is while methamphetamine can be made from pseudoephedrine (aka a constitutional isomer of ephedrine). Methcathinone can also be derived from the same source. The point of this post is to get an understanding of the lingo used. Next post will finish the synthesis of the next 3 compounds of Dimethyltryptamine, Methcathinone and maybe even methamphetamine.


My youngest brother, Ben, gave me the word “stereoisomers” to write about while he was studying for a chemistry exam.  At first I thought this would be easy.  Chemistry IS poetry, right?  It involves speaking about things you can’t see with the naked eye, and there are a lot of weird names to marvel over.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know what stereoisomers were. 

I ended up reading about them for a long time, trying to understand them.  The basic idea is that they are two sets of the same atoms in the same order with the same sets of bonded atoms, but arranged differently in space.  One type of stereoisomer is a diasteroisomer, which I misread as “disasteroisomer”…and if I could have written about this, the poem would have just written itself.

At any rate, here’s what I came up with.  Ben’s review is to follow, and it’s ambivalent at best.


If your eyeballs were placed vertically,
I’d tilt my head. Like molecules, we’re made from distinct parts, oh let me teach you
this word: stereoisomer. Stereoisomer.

Stereoisomers are arrangements
of the same atoms in different places.
They’re different bodies
with similar traits.

The carriage to the ball is not the pumpkin rearranged. The dentist’s mold made of your teeth
can’t chew your meat. These relationships
aren’t like us. You and I, love, are
stereoisomers. I’m the slightly altered heart unseen in the tarnished mirror, the secret body hidden on the other side of the tree, the sadder smile
on the second carved pumpkin.

What we share is stronger
than what separates.

Ben’s review:
“This poem is a fine piece of modern expression. While the writer evidently lacks proficiency in the particulars of organic chemistry, the poem conveys the molecular nuances that are present in stereoisomers. While a few phrases lack conviction, this poem is refreshing.”

He’s right…I often lack conviction, and I also find that to be a refreshing quality.

anonymous asked:

Did it ever occur to you that there are poly bisexuals simultaneously in relationships with multiple people, of the same and different genders or? Or bisexuals in relationships with bigender or genderfluid people? Bc this stuff isn't as cut and dry as you'd like it to be to suit your bullshit

what about juxta-bi people and stereoisomer-bi people?

Kamu ga banyak berubah kok, cuma stereoisomer kamu berubah, dari D jadi L, dari manis sekarang pahit ._.

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