Surabaya, Balikpapan, Denpasar bali, Mataram lombok… Fantastic 4! Keempat kota ini terkenal dengan panas dan dekat dengan laut.

Keep calm, ada #StereoDesserts yang bakal bikin kamu tetap adem :”) (at Stereopoint Tropical City)

After a long run in early morning, there’s no time for breakfast. I need some fresh food to recharge energy quickly. I think #StereoDesserts honey & oat is perfect choice. Omg, and also less sugar!

By the way, hello girl.. good morning & god bless you ♡ (at Stereo Factory)

Omg monday is coming?! I dont want a bad mood will ruin my day. I need a mood booster! This one will be good, but the little one isn’t enough. I need the bigger red velvet #StereoDesserts ;)

Good morning everyone, thank god it’s friday.. we have a ‘sweet news’ for you. BEKASI @stereoholics ! #StereoDesserts will come to your town, start your day with these ‘mood booster’ :9