Local Fest always brings a perfect match of creativity and technology. Thank you for always supporting the local brands. Event-nya selalu rame! Sukses terus ya buat orang-orang di belakang ini semua! :)

Di acara Local Fest kedua (2.0) ini, Stereo Desserts bisa tembus angka sekitar 1.400 cups dalam 4 hari event. Yay! #LocalFestLive #stereodesserts

And yeah.. Here is one pict of bunches of people standing in front of @stereo_desserts’ booth to get our homemade premium trifle in a cup. At this moment, there were about 1.300 cups sold. Yay! Go grab fast! There are 3 hours remaining to get your lovely desserts at our booth! :) #LocalFestLive #stereodesserts

Good morning everyone, thank god it’s friday.. we have a ‘sweet news’ for you. BEKASI @stereoholics ! #StereoDesserts will come to your town, start your day with these ‘mood booster’ :9

Waktu liat gambar ini, apa yang kamu rasakan? Lidah mengecap? menggigit bibir? Atau hanya sekedar love this pic atau comment dan tag seseorang?

Apa yang kamu tunggu?! Ga ada lagi alasan untuk tidak mendapatkan apa yang kamu mau.
#StereoDesserts semakin dekat denganmu, cek #stereopoint di bio, kontak dan pesan lalu rasakan kenikmatannya secara perlahan. ;)

Pic by @stereodesserts_palembang (at Stereopoint INDONESIA)

Watch on stereo-desserts.tumblr.com

It started from a hobby, from 1 to 8 variant, then developed from one cafe to 20 big cities in Indonesia. We’ve been through so many obstacles & happiness.


#StereoDesserts (at STEREOVOLUTION)

Alhamdulillah, barakallah..
Today is such a blessed day.
Meeting up this lovely and inspiring woman (@dianpelangi) completes this day. About 1.200 cups were sold in only three days at Go Girl Expo 14, Senayan City. #stereodesserts #stereo_desserts