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Stiles the life model and Derek the artist pretty please? :)

"Could you just—" Derek points his pencil at Stiles, clenches his jaw impatiently.

Stiles freezes from where he’s scratching his nose, “Oh, uh, stay still?”

"Yes," Derek snaps curtly, looks back down at his paper. 

"A please would be nice," Stiles murmurs, obviously murmured loud enough for Derek to catch. 

Derek slaps his pencil onto the paper, looks up again with narrowed eyes. 

Stiles is smirking, not even looking in Derek’s direction, but out of the window. He doesn’t even need to see Derek’s reaction to know he’s having one, anyway. He knows he gets under Derek’s skin, and it’s infuriating, is what it is. Stiles knows exactly what he does to Derek. He waves those long fingers around in class, and he knows Derek is watching them, picturing them against his skin, running up Derek’s arm, or trailing down his spine. He rolls his head back to argue with Derek, lazy grin on his face, and neck long and captivating, calling out to Derek to lick, leave his mark, a beautiful canvas of Derek’s making. 

He doesn’t even know why Stiles bothers coming to class, any more. He’s said on multiple occasions that he can’t draw for shit, that he’s barely scraping by and he’s taking the written option, instead of the final art piece. He spends more time trying to bother Derek, to distract Derek and doodle on Derek’s damn work, than he does taking notes about his form. 

Marin began the semester talking of their individuality, that each of them had an artist inside of them, a unique talent they could make their own; now, she seems to have all but given up on Stiles, seemingly praying he’ll keep quiet for her lectures and not hand in another crayon based piece. 

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Oh oh the mural and the ladder one!!

So, Stiles has been staring at Derek Hale’s ass for an hour and a half. 

It’s been both the greatest and worst hour and a half of his life. 

He spent the first twenty minutes gurgling, trying not to choke, and trying to look anywhere but at Derek’s ass. 

But, then it was like… shit, Derek Hale’s ass is in his face. He can’t not. He can take the crick in his neck. He will deal with strained eye sight. Hell, he’ll go out and buy glasses tomorrow. Then, he’ll be able to see Derek’s ass from further away, too! Win-win. 

Except, Derek’s not reprimanded him once. It’s sort of led to several awkward OH SHIT HE’S CAUGHT ME STARING, wait, he doesn’t seem that bothered, oh my god is he moving even closer on purpose, no wait, he just needed to adjust someone’s face, dammit, I wish he’d sit on my face, moments. 

He just… wants Derek to sit on his face. 

He thinks maybe it might be his purpose in life. To worship Derek Hale’s ass. 

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I can't remember if you will post questions for people who are looking for a fic? There's one where stiles basically time travels and meets young Derek. They become friends and then Derek thinks stiles and his family dies in the fire. But really stiles saves them all during the fire with magic. Does any of this sound familiar? Thanks so much in advance for any help.

hmm stiles goes back in time and prevents the fire from happening here, but derek doesn’t ever think stiles/his family died, but it sounds the most likely, and it’s an absolutely fantastic read! 

  • No Day But Today by fauvistfly (E, 10k) “If you don’t change it successfully, you’ll be doomed to repeat it,” Deaton says, his face impassive despite the seriousness of his words. “Repeat the day?” Stiles parrots, trying to wrap his head around what they’re attempting to do, the ridiculousness of his life and how it now involves time travel. In which things in Beacon Hills are so bad that Deaton sends Stiles back in time to stop Kate from manipulating Derek and causing the death of the Hale family. The catch: Stiles only has 24 hours to change the course of the future, or he’ll be stuck repeating that same day until he gets it right. What will be enough to keep Derek away from Kate?

hmm this is one of my favorite time travel works ever, stiles goes back in time and befriends young derek, but the fire still happens here (but derek DOES think stiles died!) 

  • Fly A Little Faster by mirrorkill (T, 32k) Everyone knows when you go back in time, you shouldn’t step on an ant, just in case you accidentally kill your own grandparent or something. But what happens when you go back in time and, uh, accidentally interrupt the one event that apparently made the Grumpiest Alpha in Town into a ball of mindless manpain? Well, if Marty McFly can do it, so can Stiles Stilinski. All he has to do is get Derek and Paige to fall in love before he gets pulled back to his own time. And before he makes anything worse. That’s easy as pie, right? Right? 

could you be thinking of this lovely fic instead? stiles meets a young ghost derek, and then goes back in time and saves everyone:

more time travel recs

EDIT: oncetherewasapirate says you are looking for this series:

  • where thou art, that is home by ShanaStoryteller (Various Ratings, 94k, WIP) Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely. Then he’s facing a burning home, and he wraps the hood of his sweatshirt around his mouth before he pushes the door open and steps inside. There’s Mr. Hale asleep - he hopes asleep - on the couch, next to - Stiles thinks that’s his brother but there are so many Hales, who can keep track. He rushes over and starts shaking him, can see the rise and fall of the man’s chest so he knows he’s alive, but he’s not waking up. He shoves away his hood so he can shout, “Mr. Hale! You have to get up, there’s a fire! Mr. Hale, get up!” Nothing, he’s not even twitching, both of them taking in deep even breaths like they’re having the most peaceful of rests, and Stiles is going to cry. “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” There’s a moment, where all Stiles can hear is the blood rushing in his ears and not the roar of the flames or the creak of wood, then with a violent, silent pop it’s all back and both of the men are gasping awake, eyes open and jumping to their feet. 



  • Time To Say Goodbye by matildajones (T, 34k) Derek finds an older version of himself at his front door, along with Stiles, a boy from the future.

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Hey! For the anon looking for sterek fic about time travelling and Stiles saving the Hales with magic, it's Time to say Goodbye, by matildajones, on ao3. (I remember because I just finished reading it!). PS: you are awesome! <3!

Thank you! Totally forgot to put this lovely one on the list! <3

  • Time To Say Goodbye by matildajones (T, 34k) Derek finds an older version of himself at his front door, along with Stiles, a boy from the future.

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Sterek + 32?

"I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified."

Derek’s voice cracks, because, of course it would right now, when it matters the most. He’s down one on knee and the small box in his hand is shaking as much as voice at this moment. He swallows hard against the lump that has formed in his throat. 

"I’ve never… never felt this way before. I am so used to the people I love getting hurt that I didn’t allow anyone to get that close to me for such a long time."

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Hi :D I was wondering if you have any sterek fics where Peter is creepily intrested in Stiles and it pisses Derek off

Hey Anon! This is such a cool idea. Thanks for waiting so long for us to get back to you! 

i get jealous (but i’m too cool to admit it) by illea

(1,092 I Not Rated (Angsty says: General) I Complete)

(577): I’m so glad you support me having casual sex with your uncle.

Like a knife in the gut by charimiel

(1,368 I Teen I Complete I 5+1 that includes a Stiles & Peter scene.)

Derek isn’t jealous of Laura, no matter what Erica says. He’s not, because that would be ridiculous, and it’s not like he wants to go see stupid superhero movies anyway. Clearly the only reason he gets the feeling like something’s eating him up inside is because he’s Laura’s younger brother, and she used to drag him along to all the dumb movies she wanted to see. So really, he’s jealous of Stiles.

5+1 with Stiles and members of Derek’s family.

a sampling and a promise of more by nezstorm

(1,498 I Not Rated (Angsty says: Teen) I Complete)

Derek wants. He wants Stiles so badly, but it takes Peter creeping on Stiles for Derek to finally make his move.

Territorial by elegantlydisastrous

(3,381 I Explicit I Complete)

The one where Derek finds out that Peter offered to give Stiles the bite and he gets really jealous/pissed off.

Hot Damn by Super_Secret_Slash_Agent

(6,324 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: Rape/Noncon I Also has Stiles/Everyone; Cycles/In Heat)

Stiles has no idea why all the werewolves suddenly see him as the most attractive guy in the universe, on a scale of 1 to GQ he was maybe a game show host, good looking enough to put in front of a camera but with a stunning assistant to keep the audience engaged. He just wishes it would stop, it was seriously getting into the bad touch and he was seriously considering asking Derek to make them stop.
or, Stiles is suddenly hot, werewolves in heat all want a piece of that and Derek has a little green monster on his back called jealousy.

Into Something New by marguerite_26

(8,924 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: (Attempted) Sexual Assault, Dubcon I Alpha/Beta/Omega, Cycles/In Heat, Mpreg)

Something is happening to Stiles. He’s losing time. Something is messing with his head, with his body. Maybe if he felt better he’d think to be worried.

The Free Hugs Series by im_not_a_lizard

(total of 11,579 I Teen-Mature I Complete I Endgame is both Sterek and Steter. Also, what you’re looking for is really in the second/third fics. You can probably skip the first and be fine.)

Also note: This fic is locked for anyone who is not logged into an Ao3 account.

Stiles is were-nip for both Derek AND Peter. Derek is mad. Peter is amused. Stiles just wants to keep his boners to himself, okay?

Of Blood and Moons by SupernaturalCuddlePuddle (aka DawnMasonCullen)

(currently 15,233 I Teen I WIP I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Stiles is Peter’s lover until Peter rejects Stiles in front of the Pack. Hurt, Stiles leaves and runs into Issac who invites Stiles to be a part of the Hale pack. Everything is great until Derek realizes that Peter is alive and much too close to Hale territory for comfort. Even worse, Peter is pissed to have lost Stiles and will do anything to get him back.

Hope that helps!