Steph Jones

In the media, this guy was known as Jordan Spark’s boyfriend…then he gained an audience and released a few songs….then someone leaked nude pics of him. Seems like we haven’t heard from him since. Oh well. I don’t care about all the publicity and other crap surrounding it but these are definitely two songs of his that I still enjoy hearing from time to time. Just thought I’d share.

"Shooting Star"

"B E A utiful"

WARNING: The link to “Shooting Star” will take you to his Myspace page. Do not panic.

NOW WHAT WITH KEVIN E TAYLOR: January 11 @ 11:11am


He’s been on billboards and in music videos, as model and artist. But he has found his greatest success and passion in a completely different arena. Get to know this model, singer and motivational coach and hear his story of how he’s gone from Houston to Hollywood; homeless to @herbahero !