thanks Seph....! The cool thing is...

Bens Meemaw, lives about 20 minutes from me!!! So im hoping that when he comes home for the holidays (which he already told me he was) that there will be some impromptu do life around here with him, in Nov or Dec.Otherwise I will catch them on the 52 for 52 (I have not seen the dates and places released yet) I unfortunately missed his 1st impromptu do life run here, in 2009 or 2010. He ran and met in the park I am always posting pics of, right next to my house, but I was not looking to run yet, so I did not know his story yet or that he was here.

Yeah, unfortunately where I am, my local running store and run club (they are one and the same), only have the running events during the week nights from april to Aug. . I guess due to the cold or dark I guess. They will start to have races on one weekend morning in Dec and Jan.

I have been to the store, and have met some of the runners from that club, and my one issue is, it has left, a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. They are a long established club, with many amazing runners, and almost no new runners in it, that I can see, and they seem to have no interest in teaching/accepting a 40 year old noobie runner. Hopefully that will change over time, and the more races and events I go too. Thanks for the advice! That was awesome that you took the time! YHour awesome!

Both ideas would mean more $$.

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tri time??

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Give a tri a try?

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I feel a huge burden lifted now that I’ve decided to stop training for a full… you should do crossfit!

I don’t have anywhere I could practice swimming. Plus, I don’t like it all that much. I’d also probably need to get a bike better than the one I’ve had since I was 12.

Crossfit is so expensive. We don’t even have money for me to be a member of a cheap gym.

Thanks for the suggestions, though.