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Pics and stories about basically-not-a-cat-anymore cat plz. I've never known a cat so old as to not be a cat anymore!

This is Joe!


Joe adopted us when we lived in West Virginia. I was like, five? When we moved the family that owned him told us to take him with us because he liked us better. So we did!


These pictures are from 2006. He’s much skinnier and just sort of… more raggedy looking now. He has one tooth left. The others all got infected and had to be removed, and we were told he the steroids he was put on for it would shorten his life. He’s at least twenty now, maybe twenty-one or twenty-two, so if those things shortened his life he is probably some kind of immortal cat lich.

He’s completely deaf and I think he’s going blind. He’s outlived my other, younger cat, Henry, who got alarmingly sudden cancer and had to be put down several years ago.

When he was younger he was a very sweet and loving cat. We would joke that he was more like a dog because he would go right up to new people in the house and be their best friend without fail. He was also very patient. My idea of playing with him as a kid was to trap him under laundry baskets.

The dogs do not give him any shit. He doesn’t put up with shit.

When I was a kid my mom would tell me of the adventures of Joe the Wonder-Cat. A while ago I wrote this in tribute to him and his old adventures, and I have some other ideas floating around that can be attributed to him, too. He got to be pretty inspirational as far as cats go.

I think once we found him sleeping in the sink.

These days pretty much all he does is sleep, eat, and forget how to use the litterbox. I am mildly terrified he’s finally going to give up the ghost while I’m here alone with my family on vacation because I don’t want to deal with that wow.

He’s very old, but we all still love him.


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"picking out last names is the worst it’s THE WORST I SAY" Have I mentioned Kate Monk's Onomastikon to you before? I feel like I did, last time you mentioned this, but I think I may have said Kate Bishop instead. Anyway yeah Google Kate Monk Onomastikon to find a massive, massive resource of names sorted by culture and nationality, sometimes including meaning notes, compiled to help tabletop roleplayers name their characters.

oh dang no i dont think so!!!! i will Find This thank u!!


stephenleasheppard replied to your post: “I admit I haven’t been following the Sarkeesian discussion much. I was under the impression people, other than 4chan, liked the tropes vs women videos? I haven’t seen them yet.”:

She also seems to equate pacifism with femininity to the point where she argues that violent resolution of problems in games gives those games an inherently pro-masculine bias. I’m glad she’s doing the videos but I wish other people were, too.

I just want more lady youtubers in general yeah blech

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*tilts head* Now picturing the anthropomorphic baby goat consorts of the Land of Kids and Noise as written by Hussie. This does not seem as easy to handle as one might initially assume.

haha lord no

they’d all be terrifying and have tv screen noise in their eyes

anyone assuming my Land would not at some point become a horrorscape has not been paying attention!

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I'mma have to agree with onsheka here. Your #ihavenoplotandimustwrite content is cool and useful. If you really feel your focus is becoming uncomfortably narrow, it's entirely possible that you're becoming bored with your own interests and should seek out new stuff, in which case by all means go forth and seek out new stuff, but don't feel guilty about posting the things you like.


thank you friend

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Unfortunately the best, most reliable iOS-enabled chat client I've been able to find is Facebook Messenger. Extra bonus: Cross-platform. Unbonus: Facebook. I am really not looking forward to switching over to it permanently when good ol' AIM finally chokes its last, but what else is there?

Haha god I literally just deleted facebook off my phone. That’s how much I use it. I think noel uses it even less. It makes sense that it’s very reliable, though.

We switched to XMPP after our personal AIM fiasco. It’s been good for the desktops, not so much on mobile.

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Discworld is like a bunch of serieses, each focusing on a different group of characters. "Going Postal" is un-confusing because it's the first Moist Von Lipwig book, but "Thud!" is like the eighth Ankh-Morpork City Watch book and plays off a long-running plot about dwarf/troll race relations. For jumping-on points, go with "Guards, Guards!" and then "Men at Arms" for the City Watch ("Men at Arms" is the one with the transformations); "Wyrd Sisters" for the Lancre Witches... [1/2]

stephenleasheppard asked you:
…”Mort” for the books about Death, the anthropomorphic personification of death; or “Wee Free Men” for the written-for-kids-but-quite-great Tiffany Aching series. For more Moist, continue to “Making Money.” [2/2]

yeah SOME SCRUB told me to get thud next laughs

i will grab all of those, thank you!

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For another major work with a famously unreliable narrator, check out Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun (four books: Shadow of the Torturer, Claw of the Conciliator, Sword of the Lictor, and Citadel of the Autarch). Millions of years in the future dying earth science fiction, got cool stuff like the protagonist looking up at the green moon and going "I know the moon is green because in ancient prehistory at the dawn of mankind, we planted forests there." Severian, the narrator, lies ALL THE TIME.

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(Though he’s probably telling the truth about the forests on the moon.)

Well why would you lie about something that important??

Oh man a willfully lying narrator sounds like an interesting read. Thank you for the rec!

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The best I've been able to come up with for communicating the difficulty of writing is this: Writing feels like having a word on the tip of your tongue, constantly. If you write for an hour it's just like having a word on the tip of your tongue, or a series of words, for that whole hour. It's frustrating and terrible!

Gosh I hope you don’t feel like that all the time!

For me, sometimes writing is really hard and feels exactly like that. Other times something magical happens—I can only call it inspiration, and I want to invoke the root of the word to call it that, which translates out to something like “breathed into”. The words just flow, like there’s straight up nothing between my brain and the page, and I write and I write and I know exactly what is happening and why and all the words are putting themselves where they need to go and it’s beautiful. It makes every other tooth-pulling paragraph worth it, and I’m glad for the tooth-pulling ones, too.

I live for those moments. I hope you get them too.

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As long as we're talking infrastructural support for contacts, I also recommend keeping your glasses and glasses case handy in the same container with the extra contact case and saline. Especially when you start out, you never know when a contact's going to start bugging the shit out of you, and switching back to glasses for an afternoon can really help. But you can't do that if you don't have them, and someplace to put the lens.

noted! and tagged for archival purposes. i will get these things when the roads stop having an inch of ice on them. thanks!

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Actually let me expand on my previous ask. You seem to have two concerns here: 1) You're worried you're boring your followers, and 2) You're worried you demonstrating interest in too few things. To the former, I say tumbl about the stuff you like and your followers will find you, but to the latter, I say you should listen to those feelings. If your interests are starting to feel so narrow as to be constrictive, by all means make an effort to broaden them. Just do it for you, not us.