an M&P hybrid with a beautiful Rainier Arms AR15 in the back

M&P compact frame and full size slide with custom dust cover.

beautiful application and use for carry. an alternative to “chopping” or custom grip reduction of a full size frame.

more info and insight to come from, Stephen Pineau, and why i fucking want one :DD


Costs Ludus carbine course in Rocky Creek Ranch, Florida.

Stephen Pineau also instructing

Ammo Quality

I’ve noticed this issue recently from time to time so I wanted to figure it out. I was on the range today with a buddy; we had 4 different brands of FMJ range ammo between the two of us. We only had access to a 15yd range, which I feel is pretty short for testing this kind of stuff but the results were clear nevertheless. I shot four 15rd groups from the 15yd line, slow fire standing unsupported. This was out of a Gen3 Glock19 with a KKM barrel. Two brands of ammo showed solid accuracy and performance consistent with what I would expect from quality ammunition. The other two brands, however, demonstrated a gross lack of consistency and, in both cases, several keyholes. I noted all info on each of the targets, to include lot number if available. However, the manufacturers of the poor performing ammo have been blurred out and I don’t plan on disclosing that information (at least until I have a chance to speak with the manufacturer). As to what causes this; it’s tough to be certain but my money is on undersized bullets (the ammo shortage perhaps leading to QC problems??) The reason I’m posting this is because I think it’s worth the time and money for shooters to go out and accuracy test their ammo against other brands or ammo lots. Poor performance on the range when you feel like you are doing everything right can be pretty demoralizing. Get out and test your ammo….You may not suck as much as you think you do!!

-Stephen Pineau 


Stephen Pineau and Cole Partnership Training collaboration for the M&P hybrid official announcement at SHOT 2014