We Can Work It Out

By: storiesintheashes and tigrislupa

Genre: Comedy/Fluff/Family/Angst

Fandom/Universe: Batfam, DCU Comicsverse preboot

Characters/Pairings: Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Jim Gordon, Jason Todd

Warnings: mistaken assumption of an incestuous crush, assumed one-sided Damian/Tim

Word Count: 11,297

Note #1: A follow up to incogneat-oh’s Roses for Red (Robin)

Note #2: Written for the DCU Big Bang

Note #3: Art for this piece was created by the amazingly talented xKalisto! The art can be found here.

Note #4: Can also be read on AO3 or LJ (Parts 1 and 2) with the art embedded in the story. Also available on FFN.

Summary: Damian endeavors to make up for his treatment of Drake and apologize properly; however, Drake refuses to forgive him no matter what he does. Tim does his best to deny, avoid, and ultimately deal with the fact that the demon brat has a crush on him of all people. (Pulling pigtails never felt like quite such an understatement.) Meanwhile, the rest of the family takes sides.

In all of this, there’s only one thing everyone agrees on.

Don’t tell Dick.

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Dr. Thompkin’s was telling Bruce the truth over Stephanie dying following ‘War Games’. It scared the s*** out of her when Stephanie suddenly started to breath again. Neither have any clue what actually happened or how Stephanie was resurrected. Both were relieved and worried during Blackest Night when no Black Ring came for Stephanie since it still leaves the question; who resurrected Stephanie Brown? And why?


I think it’s really weird when people in the fanfiction world say things like, “I want to see a story where Damian’s not allowed to go on patrol for some reason so Cass and Stephanie soothe his ego by making cookies with him.”

Like, what? Do either of those young ladies even know how to bake a damn cookie? Stephanie can’t even cook a waffle without burning it. And why do we even want to see that? Is it not enough that they’re awesome, well-developed, crime-fighting badasses?


Stephanie, you have the heart of a lion, in every way that matters. You had the strength to resist the darkness where I did not.

Tiffany, your day will come. Don’t be afraid of your intelligence. I believe you will outshine us all.

Cassandra, you came through hell and made everyone you met stronger and better. You are the person I most want to be.

Batgirl: Future’s End #1