okay but like

jemma doesn’t know skye’s ‘infected’??? and she’s clearly having a reaction to all the death she’s been unable to prevent and putting it all on herself

like she’s literally looking at herself to figure out why. she’s not just blaming herself for everything that goes wrong now, she’s like, okay, the baseline here is that i’m to blame. that’s not even up for discussion. but why, specifically am i to blame, and how can i rectify this so that no one else gets hurt??

she will fling herself off a plane to protect those she loves, she will remain steadfastly silent to protect those she loves, she will go into hydra untrained to protect those she loves, and she will, we can now see, quite literally change fundamental things about herself to protect those she loves. she would even give up science if it came to it. because she loves people so fiercely. 

her people. all people. 

Lily James getting her hair done on the set of Downton Abbey (x)

it just hit me that i was contemplating suicide 2 years ago around this time n im still here…time flies.

if ive learned anything it’s that i spent most of my life feelin like i was on my own/alone and im strongest when i depend on no one, im comfortable right now.

i don’t need anyone, im fine being by myself.

it’s important i let everyone know that if i ‘like’ a post you made about being sad, upset, or simply anything that’s emotional/negative/difficult for you talk about, doesn’t mean i’m bathing in your sadness or happy about your situation. it’s a form of support and i’m letting you know that i’m taking the time to read what you’re saying, checking up on you, and showing my support and love. please accept my pathetic attempt at friendship and don’t take it lightly.