One of my street art stencils makes a pretty good daily reminder for me. There is so much more to this life than the routines we force ourselves to believe in. It is time to wake up. It is time to live the life that we will love living. It is time to take that first step, no matter how terrifying it might be.

All credit for the “Sleepwalking Boy” goes to John Lang and where I found it too the Sigur Rós album :)


By far one of my favorite gifts I’ve gotten, Austin is so wonderful! Super proud of him graduating early and really appreciate this thoughtful painting! He stenciled this photo of Bob Marley and then spray painted black! Such a rad artist and all around good person. I showed it off all day! 💚💛❤️ #BobMarley #NattyDread #stencil #art #artjunkie #spraypaint #legend #Rastafarian #AustinShouldBeFamous 📷Cred to: @mnonie 😽😽


Portuguese street artist Add Fuel cleverly combines tradition and modernity in his murals, which borrow the techniques of a traditional style of Portuguese glazed tile work calledazulejo. At a first glance, the blue, ornate glazed patterns of azulejo remain intact, but upon closer inspection, one begins to make out whimsical, cartoon-inspired characters in the classic designs. Add Fuel is also a commercial illustrator and toy designer, and the surreal creatures embedded in his tile work evoke a Pop-inspired aesthetic. He frequently juxtaposes clashing tile patterns to create images and text within the decorative motifs, resulting in many images hidden within images. Take a look at some of his recent work on Hi-Fructose