‘two believe’ on LaBrea in Hollywood

Ready for a metaphor-filled lesson? Well, ready or not, here it comes…

Like that building in the background of the second photo, we are all works-in-progress. “Your life is under construction. Expect delays.” “There are no short cuts, so stop thinking you should already be there.” “You came here for a reason. And time does not change that.” Listen…I have had many a conversation with people who say I am overly-optimistic to an audience that needs to realize “the odds are not in their favor.” Fck that. I say, “That’s what will make it such a great story.” Plus, “no matter the outcome, there’s no way you will look back at this time and think, 'I shouldn’t have chased my dreams when I was young(er).”’ No way. So “aspire” and “dream bigger” and “prove them all wrong.” And lastly, “I believe in you. So that makes two of us.”


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Whoever said style should be effortless doesn’t know the joy that comes from customizing pieces in your wardrobe to make them your own. If you’re into all day every day denim but getting tired of the same old same, it’s time to single out a pair for an upgrade- made simple by this painted leaf pattern that comes courtesy of Mother Nature’s art supplies. Get on board and find out why a printed jean is a dream when you don’t want to trade comfort for a chic and unique look!

To create: Gather an assortment of fallen leaves and faux-flowers. Squeeze a dollop of various paints on a plate. We opted for multi-surface paints as the consistency was thicker and popped more against denim. Use a sponge pouncer to mix and dab paints onto a leaf (or flower). Stamp the leaf onto your denim, press down all corners to ensure the paint transfers. Carefully peel off the leaf then repeat the process until the entire jean is stamped in painted leaf prints. Follow the care instructions for the type of paint you use. For multi-surface paint, let dry completely for 24 hours; heat seat by turning garment inside out and placing in dryer for 30 minutes or dry iron for 30 seconds.