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ok im stepping out of my comfort zone to the max

but i’ve been obsessed with paola bennet’s cover of “let her go” by passenger

so decided to do a cover of it..

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Get To Know Me Tag video.

thought it’d be more interesting to watch and hear than read off a text post. also, i’m talking really fast b/c i didn’t want the video to be long.

I tag biblesandtea, ihateemondays, quiet-spirit, and calm-mysoul

the 25 questions are in the description of the video :)

I’m reading a book about urban planning and it is eye opening. Especially since I live in California. Let me say, we are living in a disgusting polluted place filled with so many drivers it takes an average of 1.5/2 hours to commute ONE way to work. I own a “gas efficient” car and thought maybe I should get a hybrid for my next car, but this paragraph in the book made me rethink that decision:

"To be perfectly accurate, electric cars are currently a bit greener than gasoline cars--per mile. Driving one hundred miles in a Nissan Altima results in the emission of 90.5 pounds of greenhouse gases. Driving the same distance in an all-electric Nissan Leaf emits 63.6 pounds of greenhouse gases—a significant improvement. But while the Altima driver pays fourteen cents a mile for fuel, and this difference, thanks to the law of supply and demand, causes the Leaf driver to drive more.” 

-Walkable City, Jeff Speck

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Stressed? Worried? Sad? Scared?

Listen to this!

Let God