New Anime Blog

hey there! so, this is my new anime blog! I began with a dreamworks one ,which is my main blog (thebigfouraremylifeok) and my friend persuaded me to start up an anime blog - so here it is!

I’m into:

- Psycho Pass

- Blue Exorcist

- Sword Art Online

- Death Note

- Black Butler

(plus stuff I’m watching/going to watch):

- Tokyo Ghoul

- Steins Gate


that’s all for now folks!


30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 7 (Your anime crush) - Makise Kurisu (Steins;Gate)

I for one can enjoy slightly aggressive girls, I can fit tsundere into this category. Makise is a very smart girl (a child prodigy), who has faced so much in her life. I can also appreciate her frequent use of @channel/2channel (even though I think it can be far worse than 4chan at times) and her accidental use of memes.


"I like Eevee!" 

"Totodile all the way!" 

"This one’s easy. Glaceon!" 




….actually it’s Lugia, I just wanted to make the cat pun.” 

"Oh, this one’s easy! Bulbasaur!" 

~Hououin Kyouma


~Hashida Itaru

~Makise Kurisu

~Kiryuu Moeka

~Urushibara Ruka

~Faris Nyannyan ♥♥♥

~Amane Suzuha~

"I already have, actually. It was serviceable, especially on my…rather limited funds. I’m afraid my supervisors have been rather lax about funding my personal account. Unlike James Bond, I don’t work off a bottomless supply of money." 

"Don’t even, Okabe. We ended up splitting the bill because it ended up being more expensive than he thought. It’s pretty pathetic seeing a grown man unable to pay for ramen.” 

"Still though….I had fun. And the food was good too." 

"Yes well…it certainly wasn’t the most awkward first date I’ve ever been on."

~Hououin Kyouma 

~Makise Kurisu