Basically, to that anon, if you don’t want to/can’t put the money and time into your car, no one is going to hate you for it. A friend I’ve known my whole life is exactly this way. He’s got a kid and is the second owner of a beautiful 86 Maxima. He doesn’t understand spending the money I do on my car. He refuses to save and spend over $250 for a set of wheels so I showed him some steel wheels he can get. I understand it though, this isn’t for everyone. However, I will call any and every person out that thinks reps are on the same level as their originals. Reps are made with cheap materials and poor casting methods to reduce prices for their consumers. You are paying for a subpar wheel, please don’t act like you aren’t. I won’t hate you for buying it though, hell I’ll sell you a set. Just enjoy yourself anon and just be cool man, do you.


It’s Ruby Tuesday!


Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp., Steubenville, Ohio.

According to Wikipedia we explored this place only one month after they began laying off employees. As of right now most of the place is demolished. In June 2013 the remaining pieces of the blast furnaces will be brought down with controlled demolition. A few buildings remain towards the front of the complex but will probably be demolished soon after.