Periscope Helmet—Sea Legs (Leslie Bates)

So. Much. Fun. I love going in to projects with no earthly idea how I’m going to accomplish them, and this was certainly one of those. Given only a sketch of what the finished helmets should look like and three bright blue skateboarding helmets, in two and a half days I made three of my favorite hats of all time.

The shape is created from a bristol paper mold, cut and taped into the general shape of the periscope. I then draped and wrapped pieces of WonderFlex thermoplastic around the mold, adding some extra-thick patches for stylistic flair. The riveting situation at the base was to hide the stabilization, the stuff actually keeping the periscope on the helmet, but ended up looking rather neat on its own.

The paint is inspired by a mixture of both algae and rust, and also what I imagine a Soviet Era submarine looking like, with lots of blues, reds and greens mixed in with the metal.

Unsurprisingly, these are for Sea Legs! Seriously, if you are in the NYC area, and looking for a cool new musical to check out, hit up its limited Off-Broadway engagement September 20-27. You’ll get to see my hats…..worth it on that alone, right?

Sealegsthemusical.com—-cool kid link


Hey guys! I’ve been working on this steampunk Blue Beetle design as prize art for my second prize winner on my last contest (he asked for my own version of steampunk Ted.) 

The helmet thing is Justice Riders-ish but otherwise I’ve been working on this design for a while. 

I really like this so far but I’d love some feedback on it while I finish up his Bug to go behind him. Anatomy, design, whatever you think needs it. 

Thanks guys!