Troja Palace

Troja Palace is a Baroque palace located in Troja, Prague's north-west borough (Czech Republic). It was built for the Counts of Sternberg from 1679 to 1691. The palace is owned by the city of Prague and hosts the 19th century Czech art collections of the City Gallery.

The palace’s design has been influenced by French and Italian architecture and is mostly the work of French architect Jean Baptiste Mathey. The latter also built the palais Buquoy in Prague, currently the French embassy.



This is my entry for "The BoxTrolls Nike Shoe Contest." He stands at 2 feet tall and is made entirely out of cardboard. (And glue and paint) It took me 30+ hours to get it movie accurate. It stores five LED lights, three in his chest and two in his eyes. I tried my best to add most of the boxtroll’s cavern with slide, ferris wheel, gears, tunnel, lightbulb mound and box pile with lit up eyes. The steampunk feel comes from the gears while the victorian feel is from the stenciling of the white hat symbols on the inside door. I adore everything Laika produces and I’ve been a big fan since the beginning. It astounds me how much work and effort they put into each piece. I hope to one day own an original face plate from any of the films! Someday. Thanks for creating such amazing work! I’m eagerly awaiting to see more in the future. Great job on BoxTrolls Laika crew!


They’re done: six hand-bound copies of Down in the Willow Garden. Five hundred pages, leatherbound, and fully illustrated. Weeks of work and hundreds of dollars later. One is a gift for Melissa in two weeks, when I see her at Walker Stalker.

I’m so happy with and proud of this project, I could cry. A labor of love to give a proper home to—well—my labor of love.I’ll see my copy on my bookshelf, and remember this time in my life forever.


Announcing our October Book of the Month: Pantomime by Laura Lam!

Every month we choose a book as our Book of the Month, one of our favorites that has contributed something great and unique to queer YA literature. We chose Pantomime because it is an excellently written fantasy/steampunk series with an intersex, nonbinary, and bisexual protagonist. There is also a large amount of diversity within the rest of the characters. All of these things are unique in queer YA, and when you put them all together, what you get is a wonderful and important read.

Shadowplay is the sequel to Pantomime. The third book Masquerade is in the works. Unfortunately, Laura Lam’s publisher Angry Robot closed down, leaving the authors stranded. It was just recently bought, but authors from the YA imprint Strange Chemistry still don’t know what this means for them. Laura Lam is planning a Kickstarter project to raise funds for everything needed to get Masquerade published, but due to this recent development will be holding back to see if she can get the rights to all three of her books. 

While we wait for news on that, check out the Vestigial Tales, short stories from the same world and featuring the same characters as The Micah Grey seriesor buy up your own copies of Pantomime and Shadowplay. Make sure and keep up with lauraroselam's tumblr for the latest news (and fabulous posts!).

As usual, we’ll be interviewing Laura Lam at some point within the next two weeks— so if you have a question you’d like us to ask her, send it our way! We’ll also be hosting a mini book club for Pantomime, and having a giveaway of some Pantomime-related stuff later in the month, so stay tuned!

Leanna is a 5-year-old girl who loves superheroes. But, as her father explains, “when she wears her superhero clothes to kindergarten, the boys tell her that superheroes are ‘for boys.’ She has even started to wear her jacket all day to keep from being hassled about it…

This rules.

Man, teach those mean ass little boys to eschew non-inclusionary ways. Hopefully they’ll learn better, and progress, understanding that superheroes are for everybody. Especially those of us that need them.