Something a little different for you all today! Building sets and creating atmosphere for dolls is always fun and I’ve created a doll size newspaper to help! Their debut was in Toronto at Doll North but I have them in the shop now!

The newspapers were written and created digitally by me and feature unique stories, photographs and advertisements from the community. These newspapers were hand transferred onto newsprint and are in SD scale but can work for all sizes!


I love when my ideas work!
I wanted something cute to display my clothes in at Doll North, but I needed to make sure it was easy to transport.

Voila! I’ve made a wardrobe out of a box that looks like a book. I’ll be bringing two of them with me, and I think they’re just adorable!

Not much for updates otherwise, sorry guys! I’m to the wire now and doing a TON of sewing for the con! Lots and lots of items, but I won’t be listing much, if anything, on etsy until I get back.

I’m hoping to get some square format postcards done up before I go too, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

I’ll try and photograph everything before I go though, and most items even if I sell out, I can make more! (in other sizes/colours etc, too!)