Click to Enlarge, this is a photo of Southern Pacific S-10 switcher 1215. Built in 1913 by the Baldwin Locomotive works. It served its career all over California. It originally served Western Division SP yard in Dunsmuir, and was later reassigned to the SP Bayshore Yard in San Francisco. In 1957 it was retired from service, and was placed in a public park in Hanford, California in 1958. More detail to follow on this locomotive, but what is important is that this locomotive has been cosmetically restored and placed on display at Kelly Park in San Jose as a cooperation project between the CTRC, and History San Jose. A bit of festive flair has been added to the locomotive in the form of a wreath adorning the fireman’s side cab number, and the front of the locomotive.  

Happy Grumpafanart Day! Phew! Managed to get this done before midnight. Look at ‘em. So beautiful, they cripple me inside.

Decided to go traditional…that, and it was the fastest way to get it finished. Simple inked and colored in copic markers. 

(Update) I originally messed up Barry’s eyes. Sorry about that guys. T^T

cause the world might do me in

it’s alright cuz i’m with friends

Finally finished this! \o/

(Ross and Suzy are a little off because they looked really disproportionate and had to be resized and to match the size and position of each frame was killer they just got that alligator jigglin’ fever)

full size here: [x]