Black Mesa Steam Trading Cards

A user on the r/HalfLife Subreddit stumbled across a set of Black Mesa themed Steam Trading Cards on the Steam profile of Black Mesa developer Josh Hubi.

Updated Article: http://lambdageneration.com/modding/half-life/black-mesa-to-be-released-on-steam-next-week-strange-countdown/#update1

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TL;DR: This is fragged and we are desperately trying to fix it, but we are stretched to the limits.

As a way of saying sorry, we want to give everyone who endured this week of constant patching and those who just gave up a little gift and ask them to give the game one more shot. Mid next week, every user will receive three things:

• A free additional character slot (so if all that patching messed up your builds, you can start a clean one)

• Two pieces of cultured bioware – these cost zero Essence so you can use them with any character even mages or make sure you cybered up street sams get that extra boost they have been looking for

• A flamethrower, so whenever you get really angry at us for that drek, you can just incinerate a few enemies and think of us.

We are still working on creating a PvP and Endgame mode – most of this is design and thus not overly affected by the massive amount of work our coders had to do, but then our coders will need some sleep after this marathon. Again, we are sorry for this and after putting years of work into this, it is unbelievably disappointing for us to see this happen and leave a bad impression.

Update on the Black Mesa multiplayer map leak:

It appears that the Black Mesa Workshop is now publicly live and a new map ‘dm_tension’ has also been added. Earlier this week we also saw a strange countdown appear on the Black Mesa website, could this be part of whatever they are about to announce?

Original Article: http://lambdageneration.com/modding/half-life/black-mesa-multiplayer-maps-leaked/

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