Así ha reaccionado internet a que Valve haya permitido que se empiecen a vender Mods en STEAM para videojuegos.

Por una parte me gustaría que se pudiera remunerar a los creadores de ciertos mods, pero parece que los porcentajes que se queda STEAM son grotescos. Esta figura ya existe con las donaciones y STEAM debería ser una plataforma que facilitase estas donaciones.

Hay algunos pros (servidores básicamente), pero demasiados inconvenientes para una cosa que ha funcionado relativamente bien hasta ahora, afectaría a la forma que tienen los distintos modders y mods de interactuar, de ofrecer trabajo altruistamente por el bien de la comunidad, ahora cualquiera podrá lanzar una castaña e intentar cobrar por ella (¿Y si el mod no rula o da problemas o…? En fin, creo que es una batalla que Valve tiene perdida. El tiempo lo dirá.

Did you know that the Aperture Science Employee Incentive Program was created two months ago and we are now currently tracking- I mean observing almost a 1000 Aperture Science employees. Good job everyone.

Okay celebration is over, get back to work.

I think if people are going to get mad at this new paid mod thing going on Steam, they ought to get mad at Valve who’ll be taking a 75% cut off the prices given.

Paid or subscription based mods aren’t new– they are for TES, and if you look at the stuff that’s debuted on the paid mod’s page over on Steam, they’re not terribly expensive either. In fact, games like The Sims have premium mods that are hidden behind a paywall.

And imo, this was gonna be a matter of time, anyway. I do believe modders and anyone who creates content are well within their right to demand money for their hardwork, especially since a lot of the mods that have been put up for TES like the huge quest and followers mods, are just as good if not better than officially released DLC.

Do I think modders and content creators should be paid for their work? Absolutely! I think this is a great way for people who create these mods get a return on their hard work, and it’s great way to inject new life into the video game industry.

I do believe however, the way Steam’s going about this is a little shady and not entirely appropriate. I mean, 75%? That’s just rude…


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