SoulHunt - is a fun ‘Hide ‘n Seek’ multiplayer game where you don’t hide behind objects, you hide inside them – you really can be anything from a table to a turd.

Inspired by the prop hunt mods, teams are divided into hiders and seekers, with the hiders able to hide inside ANYTHING, but the seekers capable of hearing their heartbeat.  It’s still very early in development, but the core gameplay is solid and the devs have great plans to expand on it massively.

Whether you’re clown, a table, a coffee cup, a turd or a banana – you’ve never played a game of hide and seek quite like this!

Play the Alpha, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)


Got these two pretties within 5 min of each other(: and I was thinking, I’m getting all this loot, why not share in the pleasure(: so if you want to join me in Borderlands 2 (PC/Steam) and just do some Loot Runs in the Wildlife Preserve, go ahead an join my game, steam name MaxxUNO 



Could someone please help me, I’m having steam troubles.

I have 4 out of 14 of my installed games refusing to open, Team Fortress 2, Skullgirls (Skullgirls Beta works just fine however), Awesomenauts, and Left 4 Dead. The only thing these games have in common is that they’re multiplayer, but even then Skullgirl’s multiplayer works differently than how the other three work, where they’re more in common. I also have several other multiplayer games that are working just fine.

Everytime I try to open one of these, I got a small window saying “Steam - Error, Failed to start game (unknown error)” and gives me a link to a page that has some suggested fixes.

After doing every recommended fixer-upper in listed, my games still refuse to work. Setting my losses, I just deleted a couple of games and reinstalled them (Awesomeaunts, Skullgirls), Skullgirls kept redownloading everytime I tried to open the new desktop icon. Trying on Awesomeaunts it downloaded just fine, but still had the error message when starting, now stating the actual error as “missing executable”. Finally saving Skullgirls to a different file, I was able to get it to finally download properly, only for it to give me the same Missing Executable error, that I’m still not able to find luck in fixing.

The last and final option I can use to fix is to uninstall and reinstall my whole steam, and of course reinstalling a bunch of games that took 5 hours or more to download, is not something I want to do unless its my last resort.

I also recall updating steam more than once last week, as I had three update messages appear and thinking “Wow another update already?” on the third one. However right after the last update my games still worked just fine, and didn’t start acting up until Sunday. My games have been doing this for two days.

So does anyone have any ideas for me?

Edit: After verifying the files multiple times for different games it worked, despite it not working the first time.

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Words for Evil is a fast paced word game combined with a fantasy RPG. It features everything you expect from an RPG, including combat, hero progression, loot and more, all built on top of word game mechanics.

* Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1 (STEAM) + STEAM TRADING CARDS

Explore the infernal abyss of Luna in this action packed RPG Platformer. Confront your dark past and forge your own transformation from being a self-centered disaster to a hero that can change the world. As your party forms a courageous family of rejects you may even find love.

* Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory (STEAM) + STEAM TRADING CARDS

A cube of sugar escapes the factories to avoid the fate of being a cookie!

* Save the Furries (STEAM)

Help the Furries, those cute and crazy little green creatures, travel the galaxy and survive the perils that await them on every strange planet they visit!

* Basketball Pro Management 2014 (STEAM)

Basketball Pro Management 2014 is the perfect mix between management and simulation. Become the coach of your favorite team and bring it to the top by managing a multitude of parameters each day: (rosters, trainings, finances, staff management, tactics, search for new talent and so on).

* Dwarf Tower (STEAM)

Dwarf Tower is a turn-based tactics game of tower building and spellcasting. Each turn you develop your tower by placing blocks, constructing rooms, and play various spells. 

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Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball’s Erik Asmussen Talks Laser Balls and Long-Term Goals

There’s just one man behind the madness of Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, a game whose title reveals its entire hand. Erik Asmussen, the game’s sole developer, took some time to chat with us about the game’s development, a breakdown of its mechanics, and how the game evolved from a simple dodgeball game to a future-space tournament used to select the next president of the galaxy.

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