Captain Swan Story

Once upon a time

there lived a pirate and a princess,

The princess had never much felt like royalty,

and the pirate’s world had grown too dark for him to see the light within himself

After a life of loneliness, wandering, doing what it took to survive,

they both stopped believing in fairy tales, or in magic.

Though, really,

they had stopped believing in themselves.

But then, the very thing they’d both given up on,

brought them together.

Through time and space, and everything in between

their two lost souls managed to find each other.

For the two kindred thieves,

it didn’t take long to steal each other’s hearts.

The two survivors

soon realized they’d die for the other.

The two that were once abandoned

would now never leave the other’s side.

Because the pirate

treated the princess like the royal she was.

And the princess

cast away the shadows in the pirate’s heart, and vowed to only see the light.

And so, the two who thought they meant nothing to the world,

eventually became each other’s everything.

And to think that, from the very start,

they were always going to be each other’s happy ending.

-SwanHookHeart (Katie)

most ridiculous Merlin dream ever okay there was a lot going on but key points

- Merlin s6 was suddenly released on DVD so i was marathoning it
- it started out like a normalish season, not actually picking up where the series left off
- Morgana and Arthur were in charge of massive army battle camps (except Arthur’s was considerably less massive and his men were like “well, we’re fucked, it was nice knowin ya”)
- Morgana steals Arthur’s heart Once Upon a Time style (ripping it out of his chest and ending up with this hard glowy thing she can either use to control or kill him) and she starts controlling what he says and does
- here’s where it starts to get REALLY FUCKIN WEIRD
- a few episodes in, any semblance of historical accuracy was OUT.
- Morgana mentions email, and i’m like, is there some time travel storyline idk about??
- but no. it gets even weirder.
- i’m saying that President Bush got involved in the whole war thing, and idk what happened to him but later
- Pres. Obama was talking to Kilgharrah.
- i think the Illuminati got involved somehow.
- Morgana forbid Arthur from telling Merlin abt the whole heart deal, so instead he ends up kinda proposing??
- Merlin’s like “why aren’t u tellin this to ur girlfriend??”
- “bc i’m telling it to my boyfriend!”
- merlin: ???????????????????
- at this point, i kid u not, dream-me yells at the screen “BISEXUALITY IS A THING GODDAMNIT.”
- my DAD interjects (???) “SO IS POLYAMORY” and then i point at him dramatically like “YEAH THIS GUY KNOWS WHAT’S UP”
- and then Uther comes back to life and they decide to conquer more of the discovered world (meaning America, which apparently exists???)
- and again, dream-me yells at the screen “fucking UTHER comes back before MAGIC IS LEGALIZED?? WHAT THE HELL”
- basically dream-me gets so worked up and confused about Uther coming back to life and becoming a conquering king again while merlin and arthur are gay boyfriends and there being email but also knights in full armor that i woke up and the dream ended before i could watch the rest of the eps to see if magic was ever legalized or what the hell was happening with Gwen.




New 1D album got me like

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