dingetje50 said:

I keep on getting these electric shocks whenever I touch something made of metal that's connected to the ground. It seems as if I'm charging myself or something but idk if that's even possible... I went to take a snack outside of the room and I opened the door (which has a knob made of metal). I got the snack and not even thirty seconds later I touched the metal knob again and got a violent shock again... The vending machine didn't shock me though. Any ideas?

Not just for kids - a good explanation of static in general.


Winter is DRY - cold air holds less moisture to begin with, and combine that with the fact that it’s harder for the air to gain moisture, and you have some really dry conditions, especially when it gets quite cold out. Dry air makes it easy for static to build up. I bet you’ll notice static happening with other metal objects (even those that aren’t connected to the ground) if you keep observing.


Listener Mail Roundup
  • Listener Mail Roundup
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Listener Mail Roundup: The Stuff to Blow Your Mind mailbag grows and the mail-bot grows increasingly insane in its boredom. To remedy the situation, Robert and Julie devote an entire episode to catching up.

Listening to the STBYM podcast on the science of the teenage mind.

I keep trying to figure out why I feel so conflicted about feeling both a pathetic connectedness to those brains, but feel so far removed from that world.

Then I remember that I’m not even 26 yet. “Adolescence” doesn’t technically end until the 25.

I almost feel justified calling myself a “kid” in conversations with my older friends from YSaC.

(…or maybe I’m just trying to find an excuse not to get a new job)

(and not get married yet)

What is planned obsolescence?

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from Blogger http://bit.ly/1sdYx8m

Trigger Warnings, the Internet and Mass Hysteria

We recently published a podcast episode about trypophobia, an Internet meme-powered visceral reaction of unease or revulsion to clustered holes — particularly when Photoshopped onto the human body. Our cover art for the episode included just such an image, which I created myself by combining two stock photos.

The reaction on our FaceBook page (as well as the HowStuffWorks FaceBook page) was quite intense. Some viewers expressed physicall illness at the sight of the image and others threatened to un-subscribe. I found all of this quite interesting, especially since we’re no stranger to deeply-troubling topics here at STBYM. I’d venture to say our episodes “Supernormal Stimuli” and “Hammer of the Witches” are far more disturbing than a lotus seed pod pasted on a woman’s back.

This also came on the heels of what seemed like a massive increase in discussion of “triggers” and “trigger warnings” on my Tumblr feed — and it helped paint an interesting picture for me… (click the link/image for the rest)

Zombie Apocalypse PSA
  • Zombie Apocalypse PSA
  • Stuff to Blow Your Mind

CLASSIC STBYM: Atlanta is in shambles. Parasite-infected humans wander the streets, stinking of death and attacking everyone in sight. Meanwhile Robert and Julie hold up in the HSW headquarters to shed light on the so-called “zombie outbreak” by highlighting real-world examples of minds hijacked and bodies zombified by tiny parasitic organisms.

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