As I already stated in some Kpop chat groups, that totally makes me laugh at her. Her voice in the beginning of the song sounds so wanna-be-cool-like and she copied CL’s part in Fire. Regarding the text I gotta say that’s such stupid, immature bullshit can’t ruin my mood. So just clap your hands to this: I DON’T CARE EH EH EH EH , CAN’T NOBODY STOP THE FIRE, LET ‘EM HATERS SIT ‘N’ STARE owo ‘cause YG’s TOO FAB FOR PLEASANTS :) It’s kinda funny how most people get angryand I guess that’s what Kemy wanted - attention
#staystrongparkbom #toofabfotpleasants #parkbom #kemy #akor #2ne1

What happen to internet society, seems like you lost your humanity
In the name of freedom, you breakin people
You dont care you hurt them, hurting heart is doesnt matter
You said she’s ‘do the right rap’, her rap is honest
But when stylish do the right thing, you said this is not your battle, just mind your own business
They are family, people. Stylish and artist are family
Dont you know its natural to defend your family?
Just because you free to talk, does not mean you free to mock
Just because you hide under IP address, does not mean you can cause people stress

Looks like diss rap battles may be becoming an annual thing as rookie girl groupA.KOR's Kemy started this year’s battle with a diss rap targeting Park Bom.

While Park Bom and YG in general are keeping pretty quiet about all of this, Kemy’s “Do the Right Thing" has provoked a response from Park Bom’s fans…

…who then wrote up their own diss tracks.

And so it begins…

0-100 freestyle (A.Kor Kemy Diss)


Yo kemy, you’re pretty good girl I’ll give you that 
But let me show you a little something about this thing called rap 
Cuz r-e-s-p-e-c-t is something that you lack 
So you better check out all the fans before you attack 

21 million blackjacks are tryna rip your guys out 
All because you had the nerve to even call all of us out 
Chose the wrong person to try to get your fame up 
21 million of us tryna beat your brains up 

Sorry I had to do this, but truth is, your just kinda nuance 
2ne1 forever, I’m a blackjack baby, thought you knew this 
Fans out here will leave you puzzled baby girl no rubix
You could’ve had a chance with us blackjacks but you just blew it 

I don’t even care who gave you influence 
This rap game is anti-Nike baby don’t do it 
Fans everywhere tryna help park bom thru it 
Guillotine waiting and they all want your head to it 

Oh your 15 bet you still sleep with a teddy bear 
Just starting out on a bad note must be so unfair 
But I believe in second chances lets just make that clear Let’s just go back to the start lets just take it there 
I still got hope for you girl never forget that 
You didnt mean to make us mad Your young and Hungry I get that 
But it takes time, it takes time So for right now just wait in line 
Just keep going girl stay grind I can’t wait to see you shine 
Cuz I know one day you will 
But for right now just sit still 
Look at what you just did 
And tell me how would you feel
I hope somewhere and your dreams you can find so peace 
I hope I can do the same, I’m going back to sleep

You think Kemy may shoot out another diss track? 

Bom, you are an amazing, beautifully talented, and warm hearted creature that is blessed to live in this world even if it has ugly people that are cruel. You are the light to 2NE1, and you are not alone. I support you and other BlackJacks support you all the way! #STAYSTRONGPARKBOM #PARKBOM #YGSTAN #YGFAMILY #STAYSTRONG