I love seeing a real smile. Not the fake one you use to make everyone think your OK. No, I mean the one that shines and causes all those around you to smile. I mean the smile that reaches to your eyes and makes them sparkle. I love that smile and I will do everything I can to make it appear more.
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I understand that it’s not so easy to let somethings go, if it were life would probably be a lot easier. But sometimes you have to let them go. It’s like a ball and chain, it sticks you to the ground, slows you down, holds you back, and letting go is like breaking that chain, it frees you. I know everyone of you is strong enough to break that chain. I believe in you. #Staystrongforiamhere #staystrong #lettinggo ibelieveinyou #ballandchain #freedom

This was my boyfriend's Spoken Word Poem that he wrote last year.

I do not condone self harm, suicide, or violence.

Do you remember that time when you made that girl cry? Do you remember seeing the blade marks across her skin and making fun of her? Well every time you made fun of her or made her cry she cut more, she cut deeper, and she cut more often.  Until one night she couldn’t take it anymore, and she cut deeper than ever. She bled out, and she took her life all because of your words.  Your words hurt more than the sharpest blade she had.  You did more than just take her life though; you took her away from anyone who has ever cared for her.  Do you remember her little brother she mentioned? Well he found her.  At the time he didn’t know what had happened but he yelled for his parents in panic because his sister was bleeding.  When her mom got to her she started crying. When her dad got there he just stared in disbelief.  Afterwards her friends became depressed and started cutting themselves.  Her dad started drinking and abusing his wife.  Her brother grew up and finally realized what he had seen.  He began doing drugs, cutting himself, and eventually he took his own life.  Do you still remember her friends?  One of them killed themselves and the rest are in the hospital.  Don’t forget her parents, the father killed his wife in a drunken rage, and then killed himself.  Now remember how all of this started? It all started because of you and your words.  So next time you open your mouth, stop and think, think about that girl, think about what impact your words have, and remember with one comment you killed 5 people, all because you did not stop to think about what you were saying.

~J. M.

When you get in this mood, crying, music, beating the shit out of your pillow, are great ways to feel better. Also finding a small dark space that you can sit in helps until you calm down.#Thosemoods #sad #depressed #upset #angry #broken #scream #cry #kick #destroy #everythingiswrong #break #dontgiveup #dontsaygoodbye #depression #fight #holdyourheadhigh #hopeinthehopeless #itsoktobreak #itsoktofalldown #itdoesntmakeyouweak #noonedeservethisfeeling #staystrong #staystrongforiamhere #thoughts #warwithmyself #younotalone #youreonlyhuman

I hear people saying that no matter how many times I tell them that they are beautiful, amazing, good, pretty, or any type of compliment, they won’t believe it. I understand that. I try so hard to help people - to make a difference in this world. There is so many people hurting and no matter how hard I try to make it otherwise, there always will be. When I say I care, I mean it, but so many people before me who have said the same line and haven’t meant it, and have caused it to become just that - a line. I do care about you guys. Just because others lie and decieve you doesn’t mean I will. There are people out there who are going to push you down, stomp on your dreams, attempt to crush your spirit, but you can’t let them win. I’m not telling you that it’s wrong for you to fall down. By all means, fall down and take your time getting back up. I’m not saying that you have to be strong all the time, it’s alright not to be. I’m just saying that I’ll be here when you fall down, I’ll be here when you relapse, I’ll be here when it’s seems like no one else is. I am here and I’m just asking that you not give up. I don’t just mean on life either. I mean on everything, yourself, others, hope. I love you guys, whether you believe that or not. I’m here if you guys need to talk or rant or whatever. I don’t promise to have all the answers, I’m just saying I’ll listen. That all I really can do. #Staystrongforiamhere #staystrong #nevergiveup #icare #iloveyou #believeit