You guys have to entertain me because I’m not leaving my bed and I’m gonna be sooo lonelyyy 😓

(Ft. Bae Kylie & boobs who I’ll admit never get enough screen time 👸🏼)

PS I was drunk in all of these 😘👽

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You know what's not a comforting thing to say to a mom?

“Oh he didn’t even miss you the whole time you were gone!”

I get it, you are trying trying to ease my mind to make me feel better about not being with him, but please don’t.

It broke my heart to hear you say that. I missed him, the whole time, even though it was only two hours. That was the longest I’ve ever been away from him, so please don’t tell me he didn’t miss me.


I would like to apologize in advance for the bedelia du maurier/florence blog this is going to become in a week or so.

That video going around of Gillian shooting Hannibal in Florence made me super emotional because it is my favorite place in the entire world. I studied there for three months and lived with this amazing Italian family with two little girls (who I miss so much) and I have honestly never been happier than when I was there. It is such a beautiful and historic place that holds so many special personal memories for me. And, i don’t know, there is just something about watching a person you admire, doing something they love, in a place that is so important to you that is so overwhelming???

So yea…expect all the gifs of Bedelia walking around Florence basically.

can we talk about kira yukimura living to 900+ years old while all her friends and loved ones die around her  (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Sometimes its easier to go out than to stay home and lay on your couch, because when you stay home and lay on your couch and drink chamomile tea, you have to face the facts. That there are people in this world that you cannot have, but that you still want. That even though your want is selective, when you do select to want that person it feels like you have wanted them forever and will want them forever. This, therein lies the difficulty.
—  John Mayer
staying home with baby

Saw the lady next door today. She stays home with baby, he’s 14 months. She with bangs, glasses, dressed for the cold day, trying to get baby to go to sleep. Baby looking dazed but not yet asleep. She wondered why she hasn’t seen me and asked my name again. Hurriedly, we talked about nap routines and about our situations. As I am trying to figure life out, this was a piece of it.