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Roxas was eating his seasalt ice-cream as usual until he came across someone who closely resembled Sora. He didn’t know why but he felt sick as he stepped closer towards this black-haired boy. It was like his heart was screaming. “Who are you and why do you look like Sora?!” Roxas angrily blurted out as he got his keyblade out. 



Familiar faces,
Warn out places.

Her feet hit the ground harder than she intends, so she pauses for a brief second, hissing in pain. This, is the reason she free runs all the time. She has to be smarter, make better judgement, work harder, be faster—

She needs to be capable of outrunning everything.


"…stupid. That was so amateur." She scolds herself, brushing her hair away from her face. A couple of seconds off on the jump. Just a few. And now her ankle hurt. It was barely there, but she focuses on it, telling herself it was so stupid, and she wouldn’t be in pain if she’d counted properly.

If she hadn’t been so absorbed in this, she might’ve heard the footsteps.

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Okay, I’m lost, she thought while giving another look around and placing both hands on her waist. And my first class hasn’t even started! There was no one near her and she thought the students were probably in the ’ Welcome Cerimony’ - or something like that. Of all days to be late… Giving a frustrated sigh, she began to walk forwards, bumping into something right after.


A boy was standing in front of her but she didn’t notice before. She was too concentrated in finding where everybody was. “I-I’m so sorry!” Sakura apologized, looking up and waving nervously at the boy. He had a weird face and something in his eyes made her jump. So scary. “But since you’re here… Would you mind helping me?”

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Xeha flicked a bit of hair out of her face with one hand and rested the other on her waist as she looked the other over. He was nearly a foot taller than her, but that didn’t take much. “What do you want?”


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