furthermore, it irks me at the rate that harley quinn has been sexualized in the past 10 or so years. i mean, she’s always been a fairly sensual character, but her original costume had her completely covered from head to toe in an homage to a court jester look. recent years, we’ve seen her change to short shorts and a corset which - okay every character needs a costume revamping to stay fresh - a sexy nurse (ish) outfit with pigtails, and now with the unveiling of the on set photos from Suicide Squad, short shorts and a shirt which reads “daddy’s monster”

i don’t really know how to phrase my distaste and lowkey disgust into the right words but the way modern media has begun infantalizing harley and turning her into basically a sexy plaything/sidekick for the joker has me feeling very uncomfortable because a character in itself does not have the autonomy to choose a dress style or a way of acting. that’s solely up to the character’s creator. 

meaning that i’m really not liking this trend of  harley “helpless sexy plaything that’s a little devious and is in an abusive relationship with the joker but lets downplay that so it’s funny rather than alarming” quinn that’s taking the spotlight


Typo found on Instagram 21

I will find you is what we are thinking when we are looking for nice new inspirations on instagram for you. Some of them were sent from our followers and some catched attention from our eyes. So here are the results of typography works this week. A mixture between 3D typography in public, neon letters, calligraphy, lettering and digital type. Enjoy them! 

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