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I honestly think Narcissa was a bit dumb. And Lucius took her as a wife partly because she was, she wouldn’t question him, but then oh was he wrong? I think she started to kick ass as soon as she gave birth to Draco, her motherhood hormones started bossing him around. aND LUCIUS STATRED LOVING HER EVEN MORE. 

Dagan Ronpa almost done

I decided to make 3 DR drawings. I’m done with two of then now so I guess I’ll statr with the Akame drawings today ^^

me: *doesn’t know proper words or ways to express how i feel about/to a person, so i just repeat that i love them a lot a lot and hugs them and touch their hari and make weird noises, repearts their name a lot*

me: *doesn’t know how to express emotions or wants w/ words so just kind of makes a lot of loud whining noises and hand motions*

me: *too stressed, not stressed at all but i’ve lost the will to talk tbh, not neccesarily stressed but i’m in public and consistantly talking around strange people is hard, or jsut doens’t know what to say, so just uses hand motions. at the same time, gives hand signals specific but varies and unexplainable meanings and statrs using them more, even verbally or in typing when people can’t tell that i’m wanting to convery something with hands*

me: *constantly trying to keep some sort of noise going even if it means i’m just making weird noises. feels really uncomfortable in silence unless i’m like overloaded in which case i wouldn’t really be tlaking to people if i could avoid it*


'Introduction' / 'Pabbi Minn' / 'Gling-Gló' / 'Misty' / 'Í Dansi Með þér' / 'My Funny Valentine' / 'Bella Símamaer' / ‘Litli Tónlistarmaðurinn’ / ‘Ástatröfrar’ / 'I Fall In Love Too Easily' / 'Luktar-Gvendur' / 'You Don't Know What Love Is' / 'Cry Me A River' / 'Can't Help Loving That Man' / 'Brestir Og Brak' / 'Ruby Baby' / 'Kata Rokkar' // 'Unknown' / 'Tondeleyo'

(Live soundboard recording of a concert at Hotel Borg in Reykjavik, 30th August 1990)

In the library: TndrBttns0516

Fumando quell’ultima sigaretta mi fumai tutta la mia energia.
Ogni tiro corrispondeva a una forza in meno. Cominciai a dondolare, facevo fatica a statre impiedi.
Caddi sul letto senza forze. L’avrei aspettato fino all’alba, ma quella sigaretta era come la mia speranza. E finendo lei ho finito la mia forza di tenere gli occhi aperti. Così mi addormentai senza nessuna vibrazione del cellulare e senza voglia di arrabbiarmi perche non si è fatto sentire.
—  L’ignoranza della giovane eta

Each one of us raises up believing solidly that he or she owns the key of the ultimate Good, and that they are the only one who know the ultimate Evil, in which they start to attack who contradicts with their beliefs… Some will continue with their old programming, other are lucky as they became to know that there is no such thing as ultimate Good or ultimate Evil, and that all definitions that they were programmed with, are relative, changing from one society to another, from which, a comparing statrs, and a new programing starts with it