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Visual Snow: Static moving within your field of vision that doesn't even go away with your eyes closed.


Do you ever see static like that from a television in front of your eyes?

Does this sound like you?

I am experiencing what I can only describe as “staticy vision”. It worsens in brighter lights & never goes away. If I look at something bright, then look away, I can see the outline of the image, & it fades away slowly. […] It’s extremely irritating & at my last appointment with the optometrist, he couldn’t find anything wrong. Does anybody have any advice?

A lot of people don’t even realize they have visual snow. A lot of people don’t even know that it exists.


This is literally how many people see the world. Yet no one has any definitive answers for us.

Basically, Visual Snow is a visual disorder that has little to no presence aside from niche message boards and facebook groups. I would really like to help change that.

Even the Wikipedia Page has to source youtube videos, facebook groups, and message boards due to the lack of information about visual snow. 

More people need to know that visual snow exists.

More people need to know that they may have visual snow.

There is not currently a cure. Only things that have helped various people in different ways, and no one thing works on everyone.

Reblog this is help spread awareness of visual snow. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, even if you don’t know a single person with it, please reblog this. 

Click read more to see some symptoms of visual snow, as well as to find some sources of additional information.

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HELLO THERE. I finished the button set on Friday, and now we’re gonna go on ahead and open up preorders for these things. C: It’s gonna be $5 USD a button. The main set of Freddy/Foxy/Bonnie/Chica can be purchased as a set for $18 USD, and the security button can have a custom name put onto it for a dollar extra, so long’s it fits in the button space! They’re going to be 2 1/4 inches across, so you’re going to have plenty of staticy animatronic goodness to adorn whatever you see fit.
Alternate versions with more/less static and without text in Foxy’s case are also available! Golden Freddy is unable to go staticless at this time, though. :c partially because he kinda scares the hell out of me so I don’t really want to open his folder back up at the moment kjshdkj. working on it.
Here’s the main four without static or text, for example!

If you’re interested in preordering some, just hit me up in an ask, or send an email to! We’ll get you all sorted out. <’: They’ll be made and sent out sometime next month!

i still really like that security button and i’m not even gonna try and hide it.

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Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

Just what YouTube needs. Another funny cat video. :) The inspiration for this video came from our cat actually getting the balloon stuck on himself without a…

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New Post has been published on

Staticy Cat vs. Balloon

Just what YouTube needs. Another funny cat video.

The inspiration for this video came from our cat actually getting the balloon stuck on himself without any help from us. He had been playing with it for quite a while before he walked over it and got it stuck on his stomach. We decided to re-enact the event. The music is called “The Alley Cat Song” originally by Frank Bjorn. Not sure who did the MIDI version.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

jackofwheels said:

((kidnapped for experimental research meme)) There had been several searching for him, but Wheeljack was the first to find Hot Rod. His relief at finally finding him quickly disappeared at the sight of the other's condition however. He stared in horror before rushing forward to help him. "Hot Rod! Are you alright?"

Hot Rod coughs some. Dark shadows under his optics making him look older than he was. “……j-jackie?” He hand a loose bandage on his arm that was covering a bunch of punctures from being injected with medicines. Experimental medicines. “J-jackie…I…i can’t s-see good…things are f-fuzzy…and s-staticy..”


>Why the hell were you at this strip club again?

>Oh yeah, because if you were at home, you’d be alone and probably end up clawing your own eyes out or some shit.

>God these people play some shitty metal here. Whatever.

>Drink your pint, dont make eye contact with anyone, and ignore that persistent humming of random, disjointed thoughts and staticy images that rushed through your mind at random intervals. Goddamn that shit was annoying. 

>….Wait didnt you order wings like a half hour ago, where the hell are they? God dammit you hate this place.