state of the union

President Obama just made history by mentioning one single word: transgender 

Although this is long overdue, it’s an important — albeit symbolic — historic first. No other living President of the United States has ever made mention of those who are transgender in a State of the Union speech. He also referenced bisexual Americans, something that has also never been done in a State of the Union. Social media was quick to applaud the President’s choice of words.

Wow.  Obama just blew me the fuck away.  Thank you for legitimizing, in front of the entire US:

Bisexual people

Transgender people

Women, and their rights to birth control and equal pay

For the first time in a while, thank you, thank you.  

More than anything, I just liked watching John Boehner squirm whenever you mentioned minorities being humans.  Pretentious, privileged little prick.



If you don’t know much about politics, this basically sums up last night’s State of the Union.


President Obama has a plan to make community college free! The proposal would make community college free for any student who enrolls at least part-time and maintains a 2.5 grade point average. In a show of rare bipartisan force, he will be accompanied by the state’s Republican governor, Bill Haslam, as well as its two Republican senators, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, White House officials said.

The plan would allow anyone admitted to a community college to attend without paying tuition, so long as they enroll in a program meeting certain basic requirements and they remain on track to graduate in three years. Its broad goals are clear: to extend the amount of mass education available, for free, beyond high school — from K-through-12, to K-through-college.

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