i just walked downstairs to make tea and all i can hear is dad screaming at the tv at the game so im upstairs waiting for the jug to boil

heres a few lovely things i heard him scream at the tv about nsw

- the flukesters

- the dirty rats

- the slippery pricks

- the slippery gypsies

- theyre basically getting away with murder

- the dirty c*nts

- the fucking tackling assholes

- assorted grunting and groaning

- mum leaving the room because dad keeps screaming at the tv and scaring her hahahahha

- thats a penalty for sure you blind c*nt (or something like that)

- oh ur fuckin kidding me im going to write a complaint

now i have to go back downstairs to make my tea and listen to more graceful complaining

hes literally been constantly swearing and screaming and groaning for the past 5 minutes and stomping around the house hes so mad that nsw is winning hes literally gotten so mad that hes now reading a book in the other lounge room because he ‘cant bare to watch those slippery fucking dirty c*nts win’ i love my dad