Dry State.

While the resources are gone what will your “Money” buy ?

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Have you ever wondered how, one would effectively go about dealing with crime in a anarchist system? Give me a blue print please.

Hello, thank you for your answer.

First of all crime often comes from the class differences, from the dissatisfaction and frustration of the people, in a few words from the disorder of this society. We must look for the existence of a society, in which nothing - neither institutions nor in human relationships - may limit the willingness of some; in which everyone will be autonomous; where the jurisdiction that governs human life will be a personal matter and not the collective will.

The State (an authoritarian society with an established power) is not the first form of human societies and the people have started their historical life forms without established authority. The State appeared as the result of complex phenomena: a particular material and intellectual culture (a progressively developed consciousness), by a progressive differentiation in society (ethics and solidarity between different elements of the human society).

The simultaneous development of the institution of power has gradually centralized functions that belonged before to local and autonomous social organizations. If some of those functions are best carried out by the new power (what Weber called rationalization), many functions have been completed in the worst way, without compensation, and then, with a constant injustice for the fundamental rights of the individual, the local groups, and freedom.

Prison for instance is functional to the capitalist regime and is an institution that works for the preservation of social inequities because it tends not to deal with conflicts within society, but rather to repress them. The fight against jail fits consequently in a more global framework of anti-capitalist struggle.

For this reason the Anarchist Black Cross was born, an organization founded with the declared aim to actively help the prisoners in their struggle to get their civil and human rights, and to help them in their struggle against the class state, and the judicial system. Anarchists believe that this struggle is tantamount to the fight against racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia, religious fundamentalism because generally there is a ratio of inequality and oppression behind the crime.

That being said we understand how the main goal in the construction of a new society is the real equality of people. Only in these new conditions we would be able to speak of actual justice and rights.

There are different visions of a post-anarchist society of law, some believe in the magical power of selfishness, others in solidarity, others hope in the power of public opinion, others in the intellectual and moral progress of mankind, others, finally, believe in special nature “new man”, in which, with the disappearance of the property and the state, “evil” will disappear forever.

But, regardless of all these ideas, the anarchists in general (and the anarchist-communists in particular), first of all recognize another factor: the organization. Anarchism is not the organization build on the principle of class power - as the capitalist organization and the state - but on the principle of solidarity and reciprocity. In other words the anarchist society is a society voluntarily organized for the common good, without the barriers of authority and income differences.

It is obvious that it will take at least a few years of libertarian practice because humans are educated in this new condition. In the meantime it will take the class consciousness (with organized groups in defense of the new society) to ward off the dangers of a authoritarian coup ruled by mafia (as happened in Albania in 1997 for example), or the army (as in Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Greece).

Without a certain regulation of social relations the very existence of social organization, with its progress is not possible. Therefore it’s clear that the law can not ensure a limitless freedom to each.
But in a capitalist society the legal norm is created by law and this is made by a detached specialized body which has as its main aim is to preserve the established order, to impose its law with lack of worries about the human needs. On the other hand, the set of rules that is conventional, is the anarchist law: “No rulers does not mean no rules”.

What distinguishes anarchy from the state oppression and the violence of mobocracy is the power of reason and social solidarity that unites the people. Anarchy is a type of society in which there is a real democracy that is not granted to the people (as the liberals), but that the people claim for himself. It is economic (class), political (decision making, one person, one vote), and legal (no hierarchy, prison, brutal authorities).

And it is on this direct democracy that is to be found the new social order in which every individual feels responsible not only for their own welfare but also for the welfare of all others.