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N3rd Street as a Honey Pot (for tech talent)

As you may know, N3rd Street (in Old City, Philly) is a pretty attractive place for a budding developer/technologist. The surrounding area is also a pretty great place to live.



However, anyone that doesn’t have access to the area (like an Aussi I met at a conference in NY) will probably never realize such a place exists, even if I told them “you should consider Philly”.

So…I think there’s more that could be done (in an authentic way) to leverage this community as a way to introduce hackers, designers and tech people to Philadelphia. 

While there are some great resources like, & I’m not sure they’re focused enough to convince a recent grad in Iowa or Florida to give Philly a serious look. I think IndyHall is probably doing the best job advocating the area, but co-working is not an attractive option for everyone, especially if they are looking to relocate.

I’m no expert when it comes to recruitment, community or even marketing, but I see this as an opportunity to help Philly advocates (like me) to spread a compelling story and introduce more talent to the area. Plus, many startups seems to be experiencing this recruitment problem in Philly.

Would love your feedback or if I missed any big efforts on this topic. Thanks.