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I may have missed something, but what are you going to be doing in California?

I was accepted into YCombinator’s Startup School. 

Basically it’s a tech conference from some of the top tech executives in Silicon Valley that they only allow a limited amount of people to attend and you have to go through an approval process. (For example Mark Zuckerburg was a speaker in 2010, this year includes CEO of Twitch, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Indiegogo and quite a few more) 

I’m also going so it will allow let me build connections with other founders and possible venture capitalists to try to get funding for my new company that’s going into beta in a week or two. 


THIS IS IT! The single most terrifying and exciting thing I’ve ever done - I’ve officially launched www.CharlieStoneShoes.comwhere you can now purchase Charlie Stone shoes with free shipping worldwide!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting and motivating me throughout this tough but rewarding journey - it’s only just begun, and who knows what the future will bring!

For anyone interested in purchasing a pair, I hope you enjoy them and find a solution to the problems I used to face as a dancer who hated compromising between comfort and style.

Much love & hugs,

25 успешных стартаперов о навыках, которые нужны в начале пути


Не совсем типичная тема для, в тоже время 25 различных взглядов на проблемы, которых могут избежать начинающие стартаперы, например:

Когда начинаешь работу в стартапе, по сто раз на день проверяешь сотрудников, постоянно пишешь или звонишь по Skype, и тебе кажется, что всё вот-вот выйдет из-под контроля. Тем не менее, иногда именно напоминания и контроль помогут сдать проект в срок. Но не забывайте об отдыхе, о том, как важно балансировать между походами на картинг и в кино с командой и релизом продукта в намеченные сроки. Не будьте диктатором, советуйтесь с командой. Вы можете себя загонять в рамки, но команде дайте свободу творить и вносить конструктивные изменения в продукт.

Уолтер Чен, CEO iDoneThis

Le jeudi 16 janvier, on a parlé « Startup » et vous ?

Et voilà, le jeudi 16 janvier une deuxième rencontre s’est faite sur le thème des startups. Cette fois-ci le débat a tourné sur les solutions qui existent ou qui devraient exister à La Réunion afin de faciliter la vie des jeunes pousses.


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First post.

So starting to post here after a friend recommended that it makes sense to write.

So here it goes:

I have virtually never worked for any organisation (summer/ part-time jobs: lots of em). Started off as a sub-broker for NSE/ BSE, did not really enjoy that much but yes learnt a lot. Quickly moved on to tech - this is where my business partner came into picture, we’ve been workin together since 2006 and its been hell of a journey.

We did everything computers - retailing hardware (online/ offline), setting up servers and networks for clients, web designing, data heavy business software, web applications, even helped 3 startups as tech partners. This is where things got ugly, we love putting in everything we have and trying our best but its not really gratifying as a service provider.. 

We had to make up our minds about sticking to being a service provider or breaking free to be a product startup.

So this is us, 2 years since we gave up services.. working on something we truly believe in and putting in everything we’ve got, hoping she flies high, real high :)

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Cool Israeli Technology: Talkitt

Thanks to my work on Sovevos (have you signed up yet?) I’m spending more time immersed in the astonishing world of Israeli startups. It’s hard to explain just how much is going on in this country. This Israeli startup caught my eye and they have an Indegogo campaign running right now.

It’s an app that takes seemingly unintelligible  speech from people with speech disabilities and turns it into real words. They’re looking for funds to bring this software to market.I’m pretty impressed.

The following video was created by a supporter of the project and also sets out the problem well.

If you’d like to contribute or learn more, click through to Indiegogo and consider supporting this.

I genuinely feel that there is no real value in complaining.

The One Thing You’ll Never Get Any Value From via Gary Vaynerchuk

So true, it just stresses you out and does nothing to address the core issue you are complaining about.  Reminds me of a point Simon Sinek touched on in his talk at Inbound earlier today on how worrying and other negative emotions starts to eat away at our health.

Formations Lean Startup pour les étudiants, professionnels et porteurs de projets innovants à La Réunion

Vous êtes étudiant, professionnel, développeur, startuper ou porteur d’un projet innovant ? Je vous invite à participer aux formations « Lean Startup ». Premières formations à La Réunion qui vous aident à améliorer vos chances de réussites dans vos projets innovants.


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How many times have you thought about doing something but given up because it’s too hard? You felt like it’s too complex; it’s hard work; it’s difficult; you’re too inexperienced. When in fact, you haven’t even tried. If you have, well then, you haven’t tried hard enough. 

There are so many ideas I wish to execute and bring to life. But when it comes to actually starting, sitting down, prioritising, and fully focusing on it and bringing it to life, I get stuck - and I hate it!

I know that we don’t learn everything at school and only through experiences we would know how to do something. So we just have to do it. 

After spending days trying to learn something on my own and still feeling confused that I sometimes feel like giving up, I decided to talk to my Dad about it.

I said…

Dad, it’s so hard. I’m still trying to figure out how to do it. It’s so complex.  ** frowny face **

He said…

Yes, but it’s not as hard as learning how to play the piano. 

As simple as that… 

That one short sentence was like a wake-up call.

It’s true. So many things in life are hard but they are not as hard as acquiring those skills you possess - the skills you spent years learning in your earlier years. 

Whether it be the changing your diet, getting into an exercise routine, changing your habit, starting a new business, learning how to do something, remember that even though the thing you’re trying to learn or change seems hard, it’s not as hard as the skill you spent years to acquire earlier in your life - be it how to play tennis, the guitar, do graphic design, build a website, or obtain a degree.  

You’ve just got to try harder.

Cadillac Makes Big Plan to Woo Luxury Market by AARON M. KESSLER


The automaker will produce a new, larger sedan meant to equal the offerings of German rivals and to polish its reputation, particularly in China.

Published: September 20, 2014 at 4:00AM

from NYT Business Day

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Webmarketing News : toute l’actu #Webmarketing : #marketing #entrepreneur #startups #entrepreneurs #business #mktg

Webmarketing News : toute l’actu #Webmarketing : #marketing #entrepreneur #startups #entrepreneurs #business #mktg

Webmarketing News : toute l’actu #Webmarketing : #marketing #entrepreneur #startups #entrepreneurs #business #mktg

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7 jeunes pousses se réunissent et des idées fleurissent


Le mardi 17 décembre, startupers, porteurs de projet ou encore jeunes en quête d’un avenir pas comme les autres se sont rencontrés afin de donner leur avis sur le milieu de la Startup à La Réunion. Cette rencontre avait pour but de faire ressortir les problématiques que les jeunes pousses ressentent face à cet écosystème sur l’île.

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The Raid-Proof Hosting Technology Behind 'The Pirate Bay' writes Ernesto reports at TorrentFreak that despite its massive presence the Pirate Bay doesn’t have a giant server park but operates from the cloud, on virtual machines that can be quickly moved if needed. The site uses 21 “virtual machines” (VMs) hosted at different providers, up four machines from two years ago, in part due to the steady increase in traffic. Eight of the VM’s are used for serving the web pages, searches take up another six machines, and the site’s database currently runs on two VMs. The remaining five virtual machines are used for load balancing, statistics, the proxy site on port 80, torrent storage and for the controller. In total the VMs use 182 GB of RAM and 94 CPU cores. The total storage capacity is 620 GB. One interesting aspect of The Pirate Bay is that all virtual machines are hosted with commercial cloud hosting providers, who have no clue that The Pirate Bay is among their customers. “Moving to the cloud lets TPB move from country to country, crossing borders seamlessly without downtime. All the servers don’t even have to be hosted with the same provider, or even on the same continent.” All traffic goes through the load balancer, which masks what the other VMs are doing. This also means that none of the IP-addresses of the cloud hosting providers are publicly linked to TPB. For now, the most vulnerable spot appears to be the site’s domain. Just last year TPB burnt through five separate domain names due to takedown threats from registrars. But then again, this doesn’t appear to be much of a concern for TPB as the operators have dozens of alternative domain names standing by.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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