how age of ultron could have just never started
  • Tony:I'm going to use an alien artificial intelligence to to create a global defense system!!!
  • Pepper:No.
  • movie:The End.

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Hi! I love your art! Can you show the manga that Steven made of Perinaldo? (At first I thought it was the stupidest thing ever, but now I'm starting to like it. Also I want to se their fusion again!!

Haha, making more of that manga would definitely be a challenge, but I’m really not sure where I could go with it! As for Chrysoberyl, well

let’s just say I’m being all distracted in SAI with doodles again when I should be doing finished work. >>;

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We are at the point when even SNL will make fun of how there's no Black Widow movie. I mean. That's telling.

It’s extremely telling, and more than a little sad. Between this and Playboy coming to Natasha’s defense, I’m starting to feel like Marvel exists in a vacuum, devoid of light and reason. 


just as you think your heart can’t keep beating, your body and mind take off and come through the other side. these last few weeks I’ve learned so much about myself and about what I want and need. it’s been such irreplaceable knowledge. I was dead for months, I’m starting to live again

24836) I come to a critical point of bingeing and just after that I completely starve myself for a while. Then I’m starting to eat again and it ends up with bingeing like before, then starving, bingeing, starving. It’s a vicious circle.


Hi, I’m starting a campaign (not really) on the basis of (shake the dice and steal the rice) Santino Rice not being a main, regular judge on the popular hit reality television show RuPauls Drag Race. During season 7 there have been a lot of “what the fuck Ru???!!!???!” moments, amirite? But the biggest one for me was the fuCKING BULLSHIT THAT SANTINO FUCKING RICE WASNT A MAIN JUDGE ANYMORE LIKE WHAT THE FUCK THIS SHOW HAS BECOME A DARK AND EVIL SHOW, CORRUPTED WITHOUT SANTINO, ITS GOING TO SINK AND FALL AND WHAT WILL WE DO THEN??? HMMM? WITHOUT RPDR WE ARE NOTHING N O T H I N G

In conclusion, I miss Santino and want him back.

I’m starting school again tomorrow.

I’m taking two courses this summer, and the first starts tomorrow.

It’ll be an English course on Fiction. Its a 3 hour lecture in the afternoon, twice a week.

Later in June I’ll start my second Calculus course, and by then the English course will finish.

[Mark] Dr Tuan (Part Two)

Mark has been calling me the whole morning, every single hour. I’m starting to wonder if he’s not letting people die just so he can hear my voicemail. My phone rings again, and moments after I hang up, I see he’s left a message: “If you don’t want to talk to me again, that’s okay. But I need to talk to you, as your doctor this time, please pick up your phone.” My exams, he must have received the results. I call him back immediately. “Hello?” Mark says as he picks up.

“My exams.” I prompt, hinting him I didn’t want to talk about anything else. “Yes, your exams. The results are false, somebody must have made a mistake, you have to come back to the hospital to pass tests again.” He explains. “Why? What were the results?” I ask. “They’re ridiculous. Can you come today?” He replies. “I’ll be there in half an hour.” I say before hanging up.


“Mr Tuan will see you in a minute.” The nurses says as she leaves me in the same examining room as before, and my heart swells with apprehension as I wait for Mar to come in.

“Y/N, we have to talk.” Is the first thing he says to me after opening an closing he door of the examining room. He walks to me, and I feel utterly offended.
“You lied to me just so you could talk to me?” I ask, dumbfounded. He’s taken about at first, as if he had forgotten what he called me for. But then he remembers.

“No. You have to pass those tests, but listen, I broke up with my girlfriend of a year for you. I’m not objectifying you.” He comes up to my level. “You’re acting like you found a cool toy, Mark.” I say. “You’re not a toy, Y/N. I don’t see you like a toy.” He replies. “You acted like the biggest jerk with Irene. You didn’t even have any consideration for her feelings, you threw her away like a dirty rag, Mark. That’s low.” I explain.

“Well, I’m sorry. You know me, and you know I’m usually not that kind of person, but when it comes to you…” He says, and I don’t know if I shouldn’t be flattered or offended. I understand he’s not going to regret anything he did to her, but even without this… “We can’t be together.” I say.


“We broke up for a reason.”

“Yes, because you left me.”

“Because I’m not the one for you.” I use the present tense on purpose. “You’ve changed.” How the fuck does he know that? I’m boiling with frustration, I can’t believed I had to carry my numb limbs all the way here, to hear this.

“Geez, Mark we just fucking met after two years! You know what? Forget about me, fuck those exams, I’m tired.” I force myself off the examining table, and find myself immediately in prey to a headache. “No, no, no. Fine, I’ll stop with this, but you have to pass those exams, look how pale you are.” He puts his hands in front of me and I stop in my tracks. I try to look at him as a doctor, and if he says I have to pass those exams, then I will.
“I’ll keep quiet.” He promises.


This is why I hate exams, I’m always so beat after them. Right now, my head hurts, I’ve thrown up two times, I feel dizzy, and I’m cold in fucking June. I lay on my bed, far from everything, only focusing on my breathing as I start to sleep the sickness away. It had never happened to me before, this kind of perpetual motion sickness spiced up with vomiting and headaches and cold sweats. I find myself wishing for a brief moment to be dead.

I mean, I’m so close to oblivion, what would death change? I have no friends, no job, no colleagues, no parents, no children, only an ex that only make my state worse, what would I miss? Pancakes? I’m sure there are pancakes in heaven. There should be, right? There is a knock on my door, I groan.

Not now, please. It’s nine in the evening, this could only be one person. I don’t want to see or talk to Mark, I ignore him. He knocks on the door again, and it just fuels my headache. This won’t do. I force myself to go open the door, because I won’t be able to bare the noise for a very long time. I stagger out of my bedroom, and everything starts to spin around me.

I use the walls of the corridor for support and try to reorient myself. I feel like I’m high, everything in blurry, and it’s starting to spin faster and faster.
“What are you doing here?” Is what I say to him as I open the door.

I don’t look up at him, but I recognize his perfume and his body. I can’t lift my gaze, because the light if the corridor is dazzling, and it makes my head pound. “Did you eat today?” I’m surprised by his question. Is he serious? I force my eyes up to check his expression, and it’s one of pure worry that he gives me.

“I don’t feel well. Please, go.” I plead. I really don’t want to deal with anything right now. He places his hand on my forehead, and it’s hot as hell. “You seem to have a fever.” He says. “Are you here to osculate me?” I’m surprised to find myself sassing at him again. I look up at his eyes, and he’s not joking. “I’m taking you to the hospital.”


“Y/N? Y/N?” Mark squeezes my thigh, tearing me away from Morpheus’s arms. I stir in my seat as Mark drives me to the hospital. “Don’t fall asleep.” He says. I want to scowl at him, I don’t feel anything when I slept, can’t I have peace for a minute?

“Why did you come see me?” I mumble, trying to look out the window, hoping the lights of the night city will keep me awake. “I wanted to talk.” He says. Mark speeds by a store with a huge clock on the facade. “Don’t you think it’s a little bit crazy?” I ask. “What?” He replies.

“I mean, we met yesterday after two years, you obviously  want me back, and me, well, I’ll never admit it, and we slept together, and you turned out to have a girlfriend, and you broke up with her for me. All of this in less than 4 hours.” I explain. “It’s a record. We took less than a week to start dating the first time.” He says, and the innuendo in his answer shakes me. “We are not together, Mark.” I warn.

“That’s what you said the first time too.” I smirk. “Do you remember what you told me that day?” I ask. “I’m still hard?” If I wasn’t too weak, I would facepalm myself. “You told me you’ll master me.” I say. “And I spectacularly failed.” His laugh sounds fake. “No.” I frown. “At first, I laughed it off because I thought no one could ever subdue me. But then you started mastering me, controlling me.” I say.

“Did I?”

“You were unaware of it. I found myself wanting you to protect me, to hold me. I started to like you taking control, I started to like being the little spoon in our relation ship, it had never happened to me before.” I shrug.

“How did it happen?”

“I guess I started to love you a lot. I was crazy about you.” I mumble. He keeps silent for a moment. “Then why did you leave me, Y/N?” It takes me a hundred men’s strength to turn my head to him, and when I do, I see his face has hardened a little bit, but he’s not looking at me.

“Because it was not something I knew, it wasn’t me. I got scared.” I say quietly. “I didn’t change, Mark. And, I don’t want to hurt you.” I add. “Did you ever thought about how we would be today if you stayed?” He says, and his frustration is too big to be hidden. “I am not the the one for you, Mark.” I say.

“Here’s the thing, Y/N: you were the best thing that ever happened to me.” He’s almost losing it, speaking through gritted teeth. “That’s just not true.” I shake my head. “I wanted to ask you to marry me.” He says, and my heart swells with horror. “I had a ring, and plans. I was going to buy you your dream Labrador.” He explains.

“You hate dogs.”

“But I love you.” He says, and I have to refrain a gasp.  “Loved.” I correct him. “No, Y/N. I never stopped loving you.” He says. “I didn’t want to hurt you, Mark.” I mumble quietly. “I’m not even mad at you, Y/N.” He says.


“I don’t know. I don’t care. We’re here.” He says and I realize he had stopped the car, for how long? I don’t know, but as I look out the window I see the hospital. 

“Don’t move.” Mark says as he gets out of the car and walks around it. He opens my door and carries me out of the vehicle. He holds me in his arms and kicks my door closed, then I hear his car squeak as he locks it. We pass the glass doors of the emergency room, and as soon as we arrive, a female doctor, short with a blond bob, recognizes Mark and gets busy around us, rushing to me with  a stretcher. 

“Mark, what are you doing here? What happened?” The woman is older than him, and she sounds worried. “She’s my patient, her name is Y/N Y/N/L. She has a strong fever and also suffers of chronic headaches and vomiting.” Mark lays me down on the stretcher, and other nurses join her.

“Okay, we’re taking charge of her, get me her medical record.” She flashes a light in front of my eyes eyes and before I know it, they take me away somewhere into the hospital. Everything is so fast ad sudden that I find myself looking everywhere for Mark, I don’t know where he’s gone, but I hope he hasn’t left me here on my own.


I lay in my small private hospital room, and it’s dark and lonely. The only source of light I have is a small lamp, and the moon. My bed feels too big, and I wonder where Mark is. He disappeared after the nurses took me out of the ER, and he has my phone and keys.

The door of my room opens and I’m relieved to see Mark walking in.“Hey.” He says, and I give him a small smile. “How do you feel?” He asks, coming up to my level. “Better. Where were you?” I reply, and he smirks.

“Missed me?” I want to scowl at him, but his playfulness makes me smile. “I’m not in service right now. I couldn’t stay.” He says and I nod. He places a hand on the frame of the bed, just above my head, and the other on the edge. “They gave you something for your fever and they’re keeping you here under observation for the night.”

“Why?” I whine. I don’t want to sleep here. “Because it’s not normal, your health is deteriorating.” He says and I remain silent. My health deteriorating? Oh no.“You’ll stay here for the night and we’ll see tomorrow.” I nod.

“Do you want to eat?” He asks.


“Do you want to drink?”


“Are you cold?”


“Do you want me to stay, Y/N?” The innuendo in his question almost makes me gasp. “Yes, please.” He smiles down at me, and drops a soft kiss on my lips. The he kick his shoes off, and removes his socks. He takes his vest off as well and empties his pocket, my phone, his, his car keys, his wallet, my keys, they all go on the nightstand next to my bed. I make more room for him and he slides himself under the covers. “Do you mind being the little spoon?” He asks, towering over me “No.” I snort, and he smiles down at me, his lips brushing against mine. I kiss him before I know it. He replies to my kiss, moving his lips against my, his hand caressing my cheek.

“Did you just kiss me?” He asks and I roll my eyes, rolling onto my side away from him. “That’s a good start.” I hear him smugly say behind me as he makes himself more comfy against me. “Thank you for taking care of me.” I whisper. “That’s what doctor are for.” He replies. “That’s not how I meant it.” I say. “I know. Sleep, now.”

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I'm starting to think Booker believes our heads or tails coin is a fake, every time he comes through a new tear and is forced to choose he gives a rather nasty look with each new time. -Playing-with-physics

I believe you’re right, brother. He does seem to great us with a considerable amount of disdain with each universe we visit. Honestly I’m surprised he hasn’t just started completely ignoring us.