Vegan Starter Kit
If you or someone you know is taking those first steps toward veganism, this Vegan Starter Kit is sure to help. From sweet and savory snacks to protein powders to recipes to coupons, this is the ultimate kit for transitioning vegans.

Includes 12+ *surprise* items, Vegucated DVD, 3 printed guides with advice and recipes, mix of full and sample size items, mostly gluten-free snacks, ships free to the U.S., $27.95 ($50+ value).


Gardener’s Starterhouse

1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom

Like all my creations this house is built without custom content.
You can download it from my gallery, my Origin ID is Thurid666.

This is where my sourdough starter lives in a back corner of my refrigerator in between bread making sessions. I’ve had this starter for nearly 20 years (mid-1995). Caring for a sourdough starter has similarities to caring for a houseplant. I bake about every five days, but a healthy sourdough starter can live in near-suspended animation for a couple of months if need be. Maintaining a sourdough starter frees you from the need to buy commercial baker’s yeast. Moreover, sourdough bread is so much healthier than non-sourdough bread, mostly due to the lactic acid bacteria that are part of the sourdough ecosystem.

Adapted from Wild Bread: Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen.