the inherited gifts of annabeth chase - pipabeth

so like, forever ago, i told radycat that i’d write this fic and i started it, then got caught up in a shit ton of other writing projects. i finally remembered it existed on my hard drive, so i decided to revise and finish it because, while i forgot about it, rady seems the type to never forget and never forgive.

also, hi, this got away from me. also, also, i don’t like the title, but i needed something. 

There had been times in her life when Annabeth Chase had found herself jealous of other demigods. There were so many of them that had inherited powers from their godly parent, like Percy’s control over water, Thalia’s control over lightning, and even Luke had the ability to unlock any lock he wanted with just a touch. From her mother, Annabeth had inherited only the gifts of wisdom and strategy - wonderful gifts for planning attacks and gaining knowledge, but hardly immediately useful in a fight. Her brother, Malcolm, at least, had inherited telumkinesis, the ability to manipulate weapons, and used that in battle.

In more than one instance, Annabeth had become frustrated with her lack of abilities, then followed up with the determination to hone the skills she did have. She would become the best with strategy, the most capable and knowledgeable daughter of Athena, that their world had ever seen. 

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thanks for the recs friends!! 

sarah: i started re-watching house a while ago but stopped but might start again..?? and i totally need to catch up with walking dead. i also kinda cant bring myself to finish parks and rec… im just so sad about it.

maybe ill start twin peaks next? holy crap i need to finish xfiles before it leaves netflix.. but then after a certain point my heart cant take it..idk if i can keep watching after season 7

mei: totally just gunna watch twilight for shits and giggles. also elementary fo sho

I be Makin' Things.

Besides this huge mess on my work table, there is actually some things I have been working on. I have a habit of not finishing the things that I have started, so I plan to finish up a lot of those things and take advantage of all of the tools that I have available as I feel like a complete spoiled bum for not working with the things I get, though some I pay for myself. 

Onto the cools. So, those molds I made a while ago. I used them, and experimented a bit, learning that TLS does not work well with molds, but the clay itself worked well! I ended up having to sand down the strawberry piece a bit because the mold was kinda crappy, but here are the results!

Okay. So my favorite isle in my local crafts store is the clearance isle. Mostly because I’m trying to save money >.< but I find some steals and can give into impulse buys along with my one purchase that I use with my 40% off coupon. But I stumbled upon two beauties. These two, previously $8 packs of decoden icing, for $0.80!!!! I had to ask my father if that was what it really said. The only downside is that it’s green, but I need some practice anyways. And for $.80 hells yeah!

My first attempt at anything turned out like this. I knew it’d be crappy, so why not make that what I was aiming for? :) 

I’ve kind of started my #7books7days a day early…but also late as its nearly half one In the afternoon and I’m not sure what I’m doing later so I may or many not get this one finished in a day (which is kind of the point to the whole thing) but I’ll just cheat and carry on reading it tomorrow and say tomorrow is day one as I’ll still technically FINISH a book on day one right? It’s allowed. I’m putting it in the rule book. It took me a long time to choose the book I was going to read first so I just went for ‘Snow Like Ashes’ by Sara Raasch. I actually started reading this a while ago and loved the first chapters but then I was given a whole load of books that I had to read before a certain book award thing and never got the chance to pick it up again. Look at the front cover, it’s beautiful. I have to say I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if you don’t you’re lying. #bookstagram #snowlikeashes #sararaasch #yafiction #books

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Can you do a podcast on Steven universe and its creators or more specifically Rebecca Sugar and her work

Funnily enough, I am actually pulling together some people for a Cartoon Round Up Podcast discussing Steven Universe. That one will likely be a full forty minute to an hour long discussion, and I think we’ll be waiting until the first season finishes (as we are RAPIDLY approaching that fifty second episode). 

As far as discussions for Rebecca Sugar goes, an SU discussion would not be complete without discussing her, but I do intend to do a solo-podcast discussing her career, a sort of Animation Appreciation cast I plan to start up within the next month or so. 

While I make you starve in wait for those however, I do discuss the new Steven’s in my Weekly Round Ups and I did a solo-cast about Rose Quartz not long ago. 

Thank you for the interest, and you can expect content on this sort of stuff very soon, definitely!

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Of course I meant Jio Freed, duh... ^__^ I have... pretty complicated relationship with 666 Satan. I started to read it not long ago before Naruto ended, and I liked it! I even consider Seishi is talented as much as Masashi, if not more. But, accidentally, I stumbled upon Naoki Urasawa's works, while half-way reading 666 and... after that, I just couldn't finish it or read any other manga! Urasawa's works are just too perfect, it killed my love for simpler manga. Maybe, I'll finish 666 someday.


Now i really want to pick up the pace on my 666 Satan Liveblog, I have been slacking with it. But I hope that as I get further along maybe it can inspire you to come back to it.

While the last few chapters are a little rushed it does get pretty cool in the later parts. It definitely ends before it drags like Naruto. I don’t know I think I am just a sucker for the angel and demon designs LOL


Zachary often worries about Josie and the stress she must be going through with all of her responsibilities and her father. So, to try and make things better, he whisks her away for the weekend every once and a while, giving the strict rule of “no work” (of any kind) while they’re away. (Unless it’s a life or death emergency yep). And he treats her like a princess the entire time, because he kind of sees her as a princess. (As his princess yep. He’s kinda mushy but never shows it oops).

Sometimes he brings her out to his cabin in the middle of no where, and sometimes they just get in his car and they go until she tells him to stop and they stay in the nearest hotel.


I wrote this song about a year ago while still living in Milan; it was towards the end of my stay, and so I was about to embark on some pretty big changes in my life, like: finishing up my teaching internship I did for the past 2 years, then going back to the US to start a master’s degree, followed by transferring to Florence for a year in order to finish it. Needless to say, those changes really frightened me, and so, once it was time to go to bed, I found it very difficult to sleep: my heart was racing, which therefore made my breathing rather heavy; my head was overflowing with anxious thoughts of the possibility of failure/giving up or of losing the person (whose name is no longer important) that meant the most to me during that time.

It was in the midst of this stressful and anxious period that the concept of this song came to me; it’s the idea that if we have faith to trust that what we cannot see/foretell, we’ll lead much better, fuller and stress-and-anxiety-free lives! For example, if we had the choice to experience the same problem one time or a hundred times, I think we’d all choose the first option, am I right? And in all honesty, folks, that is what we are meant to do… but we let stress and anxiety take us completely over, controlling our thoughts and actions and, as a result, forcing us to experience our fears, worries and troubles hundreds, thousands - even upon millions - of times! And that is a situation we don’t deserve to be in at all!    

In closing, if I take a moment to look back on those Milanese sleepless nights I spent tossing and turning in bed - especially when I compare them to the way I feel in my current situation - I really had nothing to worry about. So the next time you find yourself lying in bed “thinking too much” (unless you’re “thinking too much” in a “positive” way), remind yourself it will never be something worth experiencing more than once! Just please, try, try, try to go to sleep. 



I’m flipping through my notebook and found one of my youth’s resume/cover letter stuck between my notes. I was supposed to place it in her file but I forgot. Two days ago I had some down time so I sat in the kitchen while she wrote her extension letter 
"Do you think they’ll extend me?
"Have you been working on your case plan?"
"Yeah. i did everything i’m supposed to do. just waiting to hear back from court."
"Then i don’t see why not. finish up your letter before we start our team meeting." 
"Can you read it over then?
"Do you mind?"
"Course not"
I read the letter and god, it was impressive and god, i was beaming. The last sentence struck me so hard, it read: “For the past two weeks, with the support from staff, I’ve accomplished more than what I’ve been doing for the past two years of my life.” /”i’m so proud, i knew you had it in you,” i said. 
"really?" she teared up and it made me tear up because i expect nothing less from these youth. they have no idea how much of a joy they’ve brought to my life when everything else seemed to be falling apart. 
When I look back, I may not remember all the intakes, progress reports and discharges I’ve written but I will remember all of those times I sat with them through their pain. They break my heart whenever they get discharged for petty reasons because they know what’s out there, they’ve been there, and it’s scary. I’m beginning to bring their trauma into my personal life, sitting with it, thinking about it, deeply saddened by it. But how can I not be? How can you not if you’ve heard the stories I’ve heard? 

mum is so bad at dealing with sick people omg

three times now shes just walked near me (not right up to me ‘while [im] incubating’) once across the hall from the bathroom and twice at the door of my bedroom, and told me i look like pale shit

ah god love her she tries

she keeps offering me tea in an effort to be helpful but i dont think i could sit up to hold tea let alone drink it

proof: started writing this post an hour ago fell asleep halfway through it and am now finishing it

im a mess

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We definitely need more girl tickles! Do you have any fic with girls coming up?

WHAT A COINCIDENCE that you would ask that, because as it just so happens I recently got a Channah prompt that I have been really wanting to write - it should be coming up soon!

I also got a Dean/Jo prompt a while back that I’ll write eventually, and I started a Charlie&Winchesters thing ages ago that I’ll probably finish someday, but that’s all I’ve got in terms of prompts/ideas for girl things.

Oh my god I actually finished a drawing I’m happy with.

I actually started drawing this a while ago but I kept getting angry at the anatomy, and I decided to go back and finish it up and fix the weird looking parts!

It’s nothing special, but I’m still learning and I’d say this was a big step forward for me so I’m happy with myself for doing this.

Idk what the background is supposed to be I sort of just drew… stuff to make it look decorative and sort of mechanical looking? Eh. Anyway here’s the final thing. :D

Scrap booking.

I started a scrap book of Olivia’s first year and I think I only got to her 4th month. Today I remembered , “hey I have a scrapbook I could do “. I used to do it while she would take her naps and I just forgot about it with moving and so much going on. Now things are slowed down and I’ve been quite bored. So now I shall finish the scrap book I started almost a year ago. My plan was to do a book of every year until she is 18. Sounds crazy but I think it’s a neat idea. So when she has her own children she can show them and when she is older she can look through them and never forget her childhood and growing up. Of course I save everything of hers right now to put in them. Like her first haircut and her hospital bands , etc…

So point is, my new goal is to finish her 1st year and start her 2nd year book. Being that she will be two in just a few short months. This goal requires lots of Pinterest time too. ( gotta love Pinterest )

OOC post

//Alright so hello. I just created this blog a little while ago and I am just starting to finish up the art for the accounts first sort of post. So yeah that will be up in a day or two. I know yeah thats rather unimportant but bear with me. I am most definitely working on understanding tumblr.

Songs from California

I drove all afternoon, but I’m so far from Riverhead

So very far from the person that I used to be

I’m sitting here alone looking out over the ocean

Losing myself in thought and nothing can get me down

I stand up and take my rightful place at worlds end

Looking down at rocky shorelines and for this one moment it’s all mine

This familiar feeling I haven’t known in a while

A welcome embrace of change so long overdue

Here I am in California, so far away from home

But I am exactly where I need to be right now

Finally back to finish what I started long ago

Finally back to make something for me, back to where I need to be

Another Friday rolls around and here I am

Preferring the company of my guitar and notebook

Over the touch and company of somebody else

Turning lines into verses, trying to write a song

I look out my window to the silhouette of palm trees

And I find myself so far from who I used to be

Looking back on such a long road and writing

Writing songs from California

I’m getting lost in the music with Green Day on repeat

Strumming along because I’ve found my own paradise

It’s not strange because it has always felt like home to me

I’m just roaming for the moment and I’m never gonna go

And I find myself thinking about that LA girl

Now half a world away defending the front line

Stay safe, Marine and come back soon for another great show

"Songs from California", the debut EP from Shepherd’s Glen now available free at:

If you like Matthew Perry

Since I hit 100 followers and in honor of Matthew’s show premiering tonight, I thought I’d try this again.  He’s been my all time favorite actor since I was 13 when I fell in love with Friends.  I just love him so much, and I wanted to do something for him.  I’ve been trying to finish this for a really long time.  A while ago I started a notebook called “Dear Matthew” where I got people to send me whatever they wanted to say and I wrote it in a notebook.  Each message I signed with their handle for whatever social media they wanted to give me.  My plan was to send it to him when I filled up my notebook, but I still haven’t.  I used to have a Friends Instagram, but I don’t anymore and I stopped getting responses before I deleted it.  I really want to finish it and send it to him.  I want to show him how much his fans care about him.  And I know it’s a stretch but I thought putting in social media usernames would give him the opportunity to know who’s talking to him and maybe talk back.  I know this isn’t primarily a Matthew blog or even a Friends blog, but he’s my one major exception.  I post Friends stuff sometimes and it gets notes so I was hoping someone would like him and want to say something to him.  It would mean a lot to me, and hopefully eventually it would mean a lot to him.  So please, if you like him and want to say something that maybe you can’t fit into a tweet please message me what you want to say and I’ll put it in my book.  I’ve written him before and gotten multiple responses so I’ll get it to him, I promise.  Please please help me out with this.