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starsightings: Harry Styles with a fan backstage in St. Louis,… starsightings: Harry Styles with a fan backstage in St. Louis,…


Harry Styles with a fan backstage in St. Louis, Missouri 8/27/14


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www e s t and devils tower

(unfinished n unordered)

maybe it’s the scope

picking cities like heat guided missiles
and outliers

heaven helped us until 1890
and then we were all like, what?

the faulty starsight;
carcass compassing
with our augurs
quartered and parched

the way
all gods
need nursing

the desire to read the land,
to tell what’s been mined,
and what it meant before it
none bitter adaptation
than keeping the devil in the tower
custers trail still slithered around it

but at least there’s portraits on the walls
at the wall drug
where a robotic gorilla will play you a blues song for fifty cents

so we wade
like lost magic
afraid to rise (just)
wheat skirts
in the
city scape;
neon blind like stubborn foremen
that won’t let the moon take over

I’ve also been developing lots of details about my faerie.

Her name is Riona Starsight. She’s a star faerie from Thor’s Helmet Nebula. She’s coy, flirty, playful, but she gets hurt easily (emotionally hurt), and she’s in love with the idea of love. She doesn’t actually know what love is, so she says she’s “in love” with people that she just wants to spend more time with. She also “loves” both genders. So, she has infatuations that pass quickly or stay with her.

She also wears deep reds, darker purples and blues, and blacks (because those are spacey colors). She has a Mjolnir pendant, a Claddagh Ring, and a gold banded ring with silver leaves and a peridot in the center.

Her wand looks like Hermione Granger’s.