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Meguka (Yes I'm serious)

Yay thank

❤ fave male: Madoka’s father I think he’s p damn cool
❤ fave female: Mami!! Even though she’s the senpai type (aka the type I’m a sucker for) she has lots of insecurities and extremely realistic flaws; it’s too bad she didn’t get the development she deserved in the original series, but go read “Madoka Magica: The Different Story” by Hanokage and you’ll see.
✖ least favorite: Kamijou Kyosuke. Check out Sayaka’s route in the psp game and you’ll understand why. 
✔ who resembles me: Probs Mami; I can identify a lot with her bc I’m a bit of a big brother figure to a lot of my friends, yet I’m insecure and being left behind/feeling lonely is one of my biggest fears too.
❤ most attractive: Mami idk
❤ three more characters that i like: -Kyouko, because she’s p damn hardcore.

-Madoka cause she’s just adorable.

-Madoka’s mom ‘cause she’s p damn hardcore too.