Knockout and Starscream try to decipher the omega keys before Megatron looses patience. The action is so intense Knockout looses his pants! ;P

We ended up wining First Place in Masters Category WOHO!!! tyrantofthefirmament and I are soooo excited!

no-stop-just-no asked:

#7 with Starscream, Airachnid, and Miko?? :VVV

I’d seduce Starscream:

Steal from Airachnid (she has cool alieny creatures):

Serenade Miko:

I hope this satisfies your curiosity, sorry about the crappy quality though. 

Based on this post –>[click]

#1 with Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Bumblebee

#5 with Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Breakdown

#6 with Soundwave, Ratchet, and Arcee

A friend asked if I could edit Megatrons voice and make him sound high… I kinda got carried away but hey! He sounds way beyond just being high so SUCCESS!

Hey look I found a Pic of tyrantofthefirmament and I up on stage performing! And it’s from an angle you can see alpha-trion-the-wise as our lovely prop handler! She was hiding behind our table for the omega keys. Ready to thrust up the omega lock coordinates at the proper time! Couldn’t have done the special effects without her! :D

Hopefully a video will surface here soon that we can share! :D

PS: Gotta say I was worried at first climbing the stairs to get on stage but it ended up being easier then I had expected!

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You're not gonna tell us this tentative date, are you. At any rate, please let Starscream know we all miss his acerbic wit and wisdom, wish him all the best, hope he comes back to Tumblr very soon, and also the feline human has since acquires a plushie version of him. It's adorable.

Message passed along. And in return, know that he’s seen the plush version of himself.

He has…thoughts on this.