Was feeling a bit crappy today, but I managed to churn this out. It has not been, unfortunately, proof read, so I apologize but I am really not feeling too great today. 

Anyway, based on two lovely anons that leggystarscream got and I felt the need to write and I’m so glad I was allowed to! No triggers apply, as far as I know, but message me if you do find any. 

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tyrantofthefirmament We’re in this article wohoo!!

They didn’t get all the info right from when they called to interview me oops…

like the fact Claire and I worked on KO together as a team respectively and tyrantofthefirmament​ has been to Comicon and made her cosplay first before me! and it took a bit more time then a couple months lol!

but hey! this is seriously cool!! We’re honored to be in this article!!

anonymous asked:

You're not gonna tell us this tentative date, are you. At any rate, please let Starscream know we all miss his acerbic wit and wisdom, wish him all the best, hope he comes back to Tumblr very soon, and also the feline human has since acquires a plushie version of him. It's adorable.

Message passed along. And in return, know that he’s seen the plush version of himself.

He has…thoughts on this.